What Do People Get From Our Wellness Coaching?

Natural Pain Relief, Stress & Anxiety Relief, and Wellness Testimonials

We at Guide Your Health offer many Health and Wellness Coaching programs. Every person and every situation is different, if you don't see the program you want, contact me at CalvinMcDuffie@GuideYourHealth.org If you would like to share your testimonial with our wellness coaching programs, contact me as well.


After reading the Best Cleanse For Weight Loss, I decided to seek a wellness coach for long term weight management. I'm down 37 pounds that stayed off. I've learned not to focus on calories to lose weight, rather the nutrition I'm putting into my body.

Guide Your Health has great health and wellness coaching.


Sheryl M.


I was looking for a wellness/lifestyle coach when I met Calvin McDuffie. I wanted to improve my overall wellness and immune system. I learned of probiotics that actually work, Dr. Sebi and black seed oil, and began taking the recommended supplements. I've lost bad weight, feel great, and have a healthy living support group thanks to Guide Your Health!


Beverly C.


I've had multiple injuries due to a severe car accident. My doctors told me that I would be on opiates the rest of my life. I worked with Guide Your Health to find natural alternatives that heal holistically. I was impressed with the Kratom Powder guide and signed up for a wellness coaching program. Now, I live pain and prescription free!

Small Business Owner

Tiera M.

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I was just getting back into power lifting when I stumbled across an article on natural HGH. I contacted Calvin for wellness coaching to burn fat and build muscle naturally. We have had great results and  have a great bond. I recommend you trying their services.


Mike D.


I suffered from severe anxiety and other mental health issues and considered online therapy. I was referred to Guide Your Health from a friend who read Calvin's article on Dr. Simoncini. After a few coaching sessions, I realized my stress was from high cortisol levels. I am the happiest I have ever been and give Guide Your Health a 10/10.


Craig R.


Are you looking for a lifestyle or health and wellness coach? Our health and wellness programs are available online or in person. Take a look at our healthy living blog, learn more about us, and book your consultation. We look forward to helping you with natural pain relief, anxiety relief, weight loss. and overall wellness. Smile! 

Product Manager

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