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We all seek wellness for different reasons. Personally, I was tired of living in pain and dealing with constant anxiety. I've learned to improve the quality of my own life through research, trial and error, and learning from others. I want to present you with the information to take control of your quality of life -Calvin McDuffie

6 years ago, I was In terrible shape

  • I suffered from chronic pain due to being hit by a drunk driver. I was prescribed large amounts of opiates.

  • I began having severe panic attacks and was prescribed 4 Xanax a day and multiple anti-depressants.

  • What started as a night cap, I turned into a full fledged alcoholic.

  • I was 45 pounds under weight and 28 years old when I had my first pancreatic attack.

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Today, I'm a different person

  • I wrote The Ultimate Guide To Kratom and other all-natural methods of pain management.

  • I was featured in and for Natural ways to deal with anxiety.

  • I'm approaching 600,000 views on quora THIS month, mainly on natural pain relief, natural anxiety relief, weight management and overall wellness.

  • I haven't took a prescription pill in 6 years.

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