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What Supplements Should You Take?

Why Do You Need The Supplement You're Taking?

I've always loved nutrition and health.

When I first started managing a health store, I would go to seminar after seminar, training after training, and I ended up with a TON of supplements.

One day, I brought my daughter with me to work. She was helping me with inventory, so I could do a grocery order and...

She asked me a question,

"What Supplements Should You Take?"

Everything in the health store has a purpose, can improve something, but what supplements do you need. I had probably 50 different supplements and I needed to narrow it down.

Let's start with the basics.

We will look at what we aren't getting, at what our mind and bodies need, and how to get them to perform optimally. From this basic criteria, we will decide what you should take.

The Supplements Everyone Should Take, What Every Body Needs

1. A Probiotic

2. A Digestive Enzyme

3. Trace Minerals

4. EPA & DHA

You will notice ONE thing that all of the most influential people in healthy living have in common.

  • Dr. Sebi, before his death, (1) spent "40+ years of research identifying non-hybrid ALKALINE foods."

  • Dr. Axe (2) lists "ALKALINE diet benefits ..protects bone density and muscle mass..lowers risk for hypertension and stroke..lowers chronic pain and inflammation..boosts vitamin absorption..and prevents magnesium deficiency..helps immune function and cancer prevention..can help you maintain a healthy weight."

  • The American Nutrition Association(3) states, "When an alkaline environment is maintained in the body, metabolic, enzymatic, immunologic, and repair mechanisms function at their best"

It's across the board the human body needs to be alkaline to perform optimally.

The supplement everyone needs, has to make you more alkaline.

If you follow the site, I go into detail about probiotics and why I only use Jarrow Formulas cool-ship program.

A Probiotic is A Supplement You Should Be Taking

There is a reason Probiotics means "for life".

1. Take a Probiotic- Probiotics are good bacteria, that we don't get in our diet. They fight candida and help our body to be more alkaline. Every one needs this.

Healthline.com (4) has a great list of 11 foods rich in probiotics. They include

  • Yogurt (not regular processed yogurt, those probiotics have been killed during processing.),

  • Kefir

  • Sauerkraut (has to be unpasteurized, I like it.)

  • Tempeh/Fermented Soy

  • Kimchi (a personal favorite.)

I like this type of kimchi, it's not as easy to eat alone as sauerkraut, but it's EXCELLENT in complementing your main meal of the day. You can find it in most health stores.

My absolute favorite is Seoul Kimchi. I just ordered some. It's made to order and you can get your own at

or if you want the spicy,

  • Miso/Fermented Soy+ Koji Fungus

  • Kombucha/Fermented Tea (My father makes his own and it tastes legendary great. Can have alcohol content.)

  • Pickles/Fermented Cucumber

  • Traditional Buttermilk (not cultured buttermilk)

  • Natto/Fermented Soy (comes in pill form, is a natural alternative to ace inhibitor, tastes gross.)

  • Some Types of Cheese (look for live cultures on the label)

Mainly, you are getting probiotics from fermented soy or fermented dairy products. I've never tried an all fermented food diet.

I've drank too much kombucha and like bodyecology(5) states, you can experience "uncomfortable diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating or other symptoms..."

The best way to get different strains is to take a probiotic.

Click here to find the right strains for you.

The biggest knock against probiotics is that they are dead.

Sadly, it's usually true, when you buy them from the store. You can avoid months of warehouse time, shelf time, and price mark ups, by buying directly from the vendor. Jarrow Formulas will send them in ice packs, wrapped in carbon fiber, directly to you.

ALL Guide Your Health members and visitors get 2 things.

#1 Use Code JarrowNM25 at Jarrow Formulas for 25% off your total order.

#2 Extra Goodies...

Nothing compliments a probiotic (new good bacteria) better than a prebiotic(inulin fiber pushes out bad bacteria).

A Digestive Enzyme is A Supplement You Should Be Taking

The first blog we posted was on digestive enzymes.

My biggest influence in my approach to guide my health, and the way I approach nutrition is based on a book I received after an Enzymedica training. I NEVER had a clue how important enzymes were.

Tom Bohager wrote an excellent book that explains how enzymes work. He writes it in such a way that a child could understand how enzymes work. It also comes with a guide of how to use enzymes, for almost any situation.

In my Top 10 Top Tips, I wrote about the tools to be successful. It included this book. Tom Bohager(6)is the founder of Enzymedica and the Autism Hope Alliance. His companies not only have the BEST products, they have the BEST social media sites (they answer all your questions, and are extremely helpful), and great prices.

Why should we supplement with Enzymes? #1, because we don't have them.

As we age we make less and less enzymes. We need 26 minerals and vitamins, but not 1 can do there job without enzymes.

MedicalNewsToday.com(7) states, in regards to enzymes:

  • "Enzymes help speed up chemical reactions in the human body." (Instead of taking 90 years to get vitamin C from an orange, it happens instantly.)

  • "They bind to molecules and alter them in specific ways.

  • "They are essential for respiration, digesting food, muscle and nerve function, among thousands of other roles."

Genf20(8) provides insightful on enzymes:

  • "Over 3,000 of these have already been identified and certain experts are saying about 50,000 more have yet to be identified."

  • "Researchers have shown that the ability of the body to produce enzymes starts to slump as early as age 20"

When I started taking digest gold, I stopped taking many other supplements. I did not need them. I was actually starting to get nutrition from the food I was eating.

The 2 reasons we need supplements are

#1 There isn't as much nutrition in the food we are eating.

#2 With less enzymes, we aren't absorbing what we are getting.

People like myself who GROW to become lactose intolerant, or gluten sensitive, etc. We weren't born that way but our bodies stop making those enzymes.When you wonder what supplement you should take, enzymes are a must.

Digest spectrum covers multiple food intolerance's.

Gluten, Phenol, Lactose and Casein sensitivities are getting the enzymes that your body either quit or never made.

They are certified NON-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten Free.

Want to lose excess weight? You eat less, because your body isn't craving as much. You don't need as many supplements because you are getting more from your food.


Like probiotics, you have to be careful what you get. Even more so, with enzymes than probiotics. If you have enzymes CHECK THE LABEL, some cheaper brands use ingredients such as OX BILE.

Ox bile(9) can initiate colon cancer, and have a reputation for causing stomach distress.

If you have a gallbladder it can be toxic to you. It can trigger gallbladder attacks.


If you use Amazon, like I do for cheaper prices, you should try PRIME FOR FREE.

If you plan on using AMAZON, try Prime free first here.

Enzymedica has another distinct advantage over there competitors. They have the patented Thera-blend process. It covers the entire G.I. tract.

Our digestive tract is long, the average enzyme will break down in our stomach. Our stomach is acidic, our stomach acids will break down the average enzyme supplement.

Our Body's Typical PH(10)

Stomach 1.0-3.5 (Extremely Acidic)

Pancreas Secretion 8.0-8.3 (Extremely Alkaline)

Small Intestine 7.5-8.0 (Very Alkaline)

Thera-Blend enzymes are Designed for Every Condition

Chances other supplements can survive 0%

Not every pills needs to go through your entire digestive tract, but your digestive enzymes need to.

I use Digest Gold With AtPro, they also have a basic version.

Trace Minerals Are A Supplement You Should Be Taking

Think of What You Aren't Getting.

Gerrod Huggins had an excellent article, we posted Forgetting Something? What about trace minerals?

Gerrod Huggins went into detail on his experience with trace minerals.

But why is it something you should take? Because you aren't gettting any.

I recall a seminar on why NOT to use melatonin on a regular basis. How melatonin is a chemical that shuts your body down. I asked what is a healthy substitute?

The Dr. leading the seminar advised to eat 5-7 brazilian nuts. Of course I had to ask, " Why?" again, and it was because they are rich in selenium.

Most of us may not know what selenium is. It's a trace mineral.

After digging deeper into TraceMinerals.com (the go to company for trace minerals info)

I came across an article on Manganese.(11) The article highlights that insufficient manganese leads to:

  • "Heart disease

  • Dermatitis

  • Low levels of good cholesterol

  • Accelerated bone loss

  • Reduced fertility

  • Retarded growth in children

  • Low blood sugar

  • Middle ear problems"

Like the innovative companies Enzymedica and Jarrow Formulas, Trace Minerals Research leads the way in Trace Mineral supplements.

They are also fairly cheap with an abundance of benefits. Buy Now.

We go back to alkalizing our body. Trace Minerals Research products use the most powerful PH Balancing Trace Minerals in the world.

If you want to start with a smaller bottle, Amazon also has the 2 oz. bottle available. I purchased the smaller bottle first, and the effects are noticeable immediately.

In addition to alkalizing your body and giving you the trace minerals you have benefits to:(12)

  • Bone, joint & health

  • Electrolyte replacement

  • Hair & skin benefits

  • Calcium assimilation

  • Cleansing and detoxification

  • Vitamin Enhancement

  • Increased athletic performance

So Far We Focused On The Body, Now Let's Focus On The Brain, We Should Take Fish Oil to Supplement our EPA & DHA

Few products have been studied more on our brain than fish oil. We don't have access to wild caught fish daily, so we we need to supplement to get it's benefits.

Fish oils are rich in omega 3's, that prevent heart attack and stroke. But did you know the benefits on our brain?

Did you know, that long term fish oil use can DEFINITIVELY ward off dementia?(13)

EPA & DHA are the omega 3's found in Fish Oil and are responsible for 3 main things in the brain. I use Fish Oil with the best protein for weight loss and muscle gain daily.

BrainMdHealth.com report they are responsible for:

  • Healthy Memory

  • Healthy Cognition

  • Emotional Well Being

You can have the healthiest body in the world but without a healthy brain, you can't even enjoy it.

I mentioned it in natural alternatives and this seasons's healthy living supplements. The safest, non-toxic, ultra high potency fish oil by Barleans is THE BEST fish oil you can get. Amazon provides it without the store mark up.

Or a vegan option

It also comes for kids. It tastes great and has absolutely no fishy taste to it. It tastes like yogurt.

If you are walking in to the health store or are considering what supplements you should take, remember the importance of alkalizing your body and boosting your brain. It does not take a ton of supplements. Just a few. A probiotic, digestive enzymes, trace minerals, and fish oil are good for everyone.

Remember to periodically visit our interactive tool, Click Your Craving, to find out what your body is telling you.

I continue to add and update the blog, you may find something new.

You can reach me by e-mail at CalvinMcduffie@guideyourhealth.org We are an Amazon affiliate and you can check out out all of the benefits on an Amazon Prime Membership at

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