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Forgetting Something? What are Trace Minerals?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Forgetting Something? What Are Trace Minerals?

Have you ever had muscle cramps, intense fatigue, difficulty breathing?

What about dry skin? Even eczema?

Experiencing dry scalp (dandruff), hair loss, cold feeling, or constipation?

Random Headaches?

These could be symptoms of trace mineral deficiency. Dr Paul Linus, winner of TWO nobel peace prizes, stated(1)

"You can trace EVERY sickness, EVERY disease and EVERY ailment to mineral deficiency."


Trace minerals are defined by the medical dictionary as(2)

"Any of a group of metal ions present in minimal amounts in biological systems, which are required for their optimal activity. These minerals are maintained in a delicate balance between toxic excess and nutritional deficiency that may induce metabolic failure."

In laymen terms, trace minerals definition, is minerals that our body needs in small or trace amounts.

You can buy The Minerals you need to learn more about the definition of trace minerals, what are trace minerals, and what examples of trace minerals include.

In Healthy Holistic Living, the #10 tip (3) was to feed your cells with Cell Food. What was one of the reasons that Cell Food was quoted as "increasing overall wellness"?

Trace minerals.

And this is just one example of of trace minerals.


I never knew how important Trace Minerals were.

I met an older, but extremely fit, gentleman in the health food store, He was picking up a bottle off the shelf. Interested, I asked him, “What are you using that for?”.

He told me that the minerals in the bottle are essential to our bodies.When we are not getting a sufficient supply from our foods....

..we have to supplement them in order to maintain our optimal health”.

I use the trace mineral drops, however they are also popular in pills.

10 dollars cheaper to order on Amazon.

Why We Need Trace Minerals Now More Than Ever

Californiaearthminerals.com(4) did an extensive study on why we aren't getting trace minerals in our diet. They detail exactly how minerals are being depleted from our soil.

We aren't getting the trace minerals because they aren't there.

Top Reasons Found For Soil Deficiency

  • Crop removal and livestock operations

  • Soil erosion

  • Increased nutrient demand by higher yielding crops

  • Depletion of nutrients bases creates soil acidity

  • Development of micronutrient deficiencies through long-term crop removal

  • Western alkaline soils

  • Over fertilization in some nutrients causes deficiencies in others

  • Livestock grazing on public lands

The Bottom Line is -

We aren't getting nutrients in the food. The reason we need things like probiotics to alkalize or body or multivitamins to get our nutrition is because it simply isn't found in our food.

A serving of Broccoli in 1951 had 150mg of Calcium.

In 2018?

Broccoli, contains less than 48 mg of calcium.

Complete List of Trace Minerals

  • Zinc

  • Iron

  • Copper

  • Flouride

  • Manganese

  • Iodine

  • Chromium

  • Molybdenum

  • Selenium

What Trace Minerals Do

We need trace minerals. They are vital to our immune system. Let's take a look at how they work to fight illness.

Many people don’t know, you CANNOT kill a virus because its not alive.

A virus is only a piece of genetic material wrapped in a sac.

Viruses come out of remission when resistance in our body is low, which cause us to get sick.

Trace Minerals, (electrolytes/nutrients) work to suppress viruses and infections by keeping our resistance levels high.

Need more reason to take trace minerals?

They play a large role to help the bodies proteins. Trace minerals are needed for hair health, skin health, the health of our nails, our collagen, healthy joints, and vision.

Trace Minerals are nutrients that help our bodies ability to replenish mitochondria, in our cells. We need trace minerals to release ATP and give our bodies energy, help growth, repair, and to detoxify itself.

How Trace Minerals Helped Me

I started using “Trace Minerals Research” brand about a month ago. I'm always trying to lose weight and gain muscle, I put as much good stuff as I can in my body.

No need to pay over 30 dollars, you can order here on amazon for much cheaper.

I add trace minerals to my water daily.

In under 30 days, I can already tell a big difference in my skin vibrancy, I have much better sleep patterns, and extended energy.

Don't just take my word for it...Try it out yourself.

Looking for a plant based option? Dr. Berg offers a premium alternative.

This article was written by Guide Your Health Nutrition Coach Gerrod Huggins “G-ROW” (your Holistic Hero). Gerrod Huggins is a moderator at Guide Your Health's Healthy living forum and founder of GrowHolistik “Grow Healthy, Grow Happy” :-). You can contact him at Gerrod.Huggins@gmail.com. He is also the author of "Black Seed Oil Benefits And The Mysterious Death Of Dr. Sebi"

Enjoy the article, try our Click Your Craving interactive blog, or if you are looking to cleanse your body read our review of the Wild Rose D-Tox.

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