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Smile! If Not For You, For Me!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Smile! If Not For You For Me!

Do you know the power your smile has? How much happiness and health go hand-in-hand or how a smile can change a mind-state?

Smiling is an effective method in improving our own health, but what about others around us?

How A Smile Can Change a Mind-State

You ever have “one of those days?” Where everything seems like it’s going wrong? I have.

In fact, I had one today.

  • The weather was terrible, ice cold and rainy.

  • I had trouble sleeping the night before and I had to wake up early that morning.

  • I met with a client who just couldn’t seem to be satisfied.

  • My phone died on the way home and to top it off, I got a flat tire.

  • Walking home, the only thing I could think about, was how bad the day was going.

When I walked in the door, my wife was standing by the doorway. I looked up to tell her just how bad my day was, but she had a big smile on her face.

Rather than jump into complaining, I smiled back.

It was like her smile had taken over my emotions. Something in my brain changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I was upset about the tire and I wished the weather was better but...

My mind-state had literally changed by a simple facial expression.

A smile.

Remember To Smile, For Your Health and Happiness

“Show me those pearly whites”

“It’s easier to smile, than it is to frown.”

These are things my grandmother used to say to me when I was a kid. As an adult, I’ve not only heard them but I’ve used them myself. Maybe your grandmother said them to you as well.

As a health and wellness coach, I observe how we can be as adults.

We worry about our diets. Should I go paleo or keto? Are we eating too many calories to lose weight? We worry about nutrition and supplements. We take a lot of things, because we worry about our health. But we...

Forget to smile.

We smile because we are happy. We smile because we feel good.

I want you to smile. Not just for your happiness, I want you to smile for mine.

Health Benefits For You When You Smile

Benefits Bridge(1) lists 7 benefits of smiling as:

Improved Mood

Lower Blood Pressure

Stress Relief

Better Relationships

Stronger Immune System

Pain Relief

Longer Life

I was aware of the benefits of smiling to yourself, but how does smiling affect others? I couldn't find much information out on how smiling affected others, so I decided to conduct my own experiment.

People respond to happiness with happiness, and this plays a HUGE role in our health.

Like in the case with my wife today, sometimes we don’t know what others are going through. They may need your smile.

Health Benefits For Me When You Smile

The twist to smiling is it's one of those things that not only benefits you, but it benefits who you are smiling at. The person receiving the smile also benefits from your smile.

Orthodontics Limited(2) States This On Smiling

  • Smiling increases others trust in us.

  • It makes us more attractive and appear more confident.

  • But the true powers of smiling, is what it does to others, smiling makes other happier.

  • Smiling makes others more healthy.

It's great to smile, it definitely improves our own health. The thing about it is, it improves the person's health who receives your smile.

Yes, smiling helps others happiness and health!

You never know what the people you encounter on a daily basis are going through. Maybe your smile is all they need. Smiling may be the key to holistic healing!

So Smile! If not for you, than for me!

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