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The Benefits (& Side Effects) Of HGH Supplements

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The Benefits (& Side Effects) Of HGH Supplements

Let's take a look at one of the more controversial terms in the market. Human Growth Hormone. It has a negative connotation to it often because people associate the benefits of HGH supplements with HGH side effects.

If you are looking for HGH for sale that involves illegal injections, you have clicked on the wrong article.

Why would you want it anyway? Natural HGH has ALL the benefits and more, with NO side effects. Natural HGH supplements like GenF20, HyperGH14, and even male enhancement products like Extenze have been thoroughly researched and proven to work.

We will discuss some great topics this article, including,

  • What is HGH/Human Growth Hormone, HGH facts?

  • What Does Growth Hormone Supplements Do?

  • What Are The Benefits And Side Effects of HGH supplements.

  • My Before And After HGH Experience.

  • Comparing the HGH Supplements For Sale On The Web.

  • A Review Of the Best Natural Growth Hormone Supplements On the Market.

Whether you are looking to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, or just slow down the aging process, we have the right supplement for you.

What is HGH/Human Growth Hormone?

What is HGH?

  • HGH is the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland to stimulate growth and maintain tissues and organs.(9)

When I was first asked human growth hormone, or HGH, I instantly associated it with steroids. I had a negative image of HGH side effects. Every time I had heard the term before it was in the context of a fighter cheating.

I never thought you could use HGH in holistic healing.

I didn't believe HGH could be of benefit to anyone living healthy. Many of us do have negative stereotypes of growth hormone from the way that side effects are portrayed in the media.

Truth is, HGH is only human growth hormone. When it comes to the natural, anti-aging HGH supplements, there are NO side effects. Like nootropics for the brain, natural HGH is phenomenal.

Talk about burning fat and building muscle? The benefits of your OWN growth hormone are astonishing. We even included the best HGH supplements in our best supplements for men.

After my initial experience with natural HGH, I also understood why it's banned in some sports.

They don't suspend players for testing positive for HGH because it MAY work. It's an unfair advantage with how well it DOES work.

I hate going into a blog and having a strong opinion on the article.

I try to present evidence unbiased. Like in the case, with Dr. Simoncini and the Cure for Cancer, sometimes the evidence surprises me.

Honestly, the original headline to my first article was supposed to be, What Benefit Are HGH Supplements With All The Side Effects?

What I've learned is, we've been enjoying the benefits of human growth hormone most of our lives without any side effects.

While researching HGH the first time around, I ordered GenFx HGH releaser. I include my discount code in all of the links, if you are looking to buy a HGH supplement, just click the link.

To my readers, that know me personally, you have seen the outcome. Let's take a look at why natural HGH pills are so beneficial, and why most of the HGH for sale on the internet has so many side effects.

What Does HGH Do?

HGH is our human growth hormone. HGH is a hormone that our pituitary gland secretes. When growth hormone is released, it secretes MANY metabolic processes. This is where the benefits of HGH begin.

"The major role of HGH is to stimulate the liver to secrete Insulin-like Growth Factor-I. IGF-I stimulates production of cartilage cells, resulting in bone growth and also plays a key role in muscle protein synthesis and organ growth."(1)

HGH is beneficial because it's the hormone that tells our body to grow. It's the hormone that made Andre the Giant NOT stop growing and the hormone that stops dwarfs from growing. It's all regulated in our brain, by our pituitary gland.

Our bodies actually make large amounts of HGH until about the time we finish puberty.(2) Then we make less and less and have a rapid drop around 30. At the age of 30, our HGH levels are "only around 20%," of peak levels during childhood.

Our HGH levels decline after puberty, but after 30, there is a drastic decline. This is about the time we start feeling the side effects of our own HGH levels dropping.

What Are The Benefits Of HGH Supplements?

If you are looking up the benefits or side effects of HGH, chances are you are in the same boat I was. Let's look at the research behind the products we will be discussing.

They have been doing clinical studies on HGH supplements for over 35 years and the benefits are amazing.(3)Natural HGH benefits EVERYONE and has no side effects.

The hard part? Finding the right one. Let's check out the side effect free benefits of natural HGH increasers.


  • Human growth hormone boosts energy.

HGH boosts energy levels by 82%. Many people who feel tired as a result of aging, nearly DOUBLE their energy levels on HGH.

My wife and I have been training for years. Now being in my mid 30's, the energy is different. Some days, working out seems like a chore. Talk about anti-aging, HGH makes you feel young again.

  • Human growth hormone enhances strength.

Getting stronger is an effect of HGH. You may have heard of a "complete protein" in energy shakes or protein powders. I actually discussed it in the article, The Best Protein For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain.

Lean 1, has come to be my go to protein, because it's a "Complete Protein".

  • Protein builds muscle in our body.

  • When we consume protein, it sits still.

  • We need Amino Acids to move protein.

  • A "Complete Protein" not only provides protein, but also the amino acids to use it.

When there is no HGH present, we simply don't absorb amino acids. We can have all the protein in the world, it's not doing anything.

HGH is a HUGE benefit to absorbing amino acids. When our pituitary gland is sending the growth hormone, we are COMPLETELY using our protein.

  • HGH benefits in stamina are HUGE.

One of the performance enhancing drugs Lance Armstrong admitted to taking?

You got it, he was using the effects of HGH. The greatest comeback story in the history of cycling was tainted by the benefits of HGH. (8)

A well known benefit of HGH, is it increases stamina. It doesn't just give you more strength and energy, HGH is beneficial because it gives you strengthened energy.

  • Human growth hormone adds lean mass, no side effects.

The first thing I thought of when I hear HGH Benefits. Strong, Fierce, Buff, Ripped, "One More Rep" kind of guy.

It's true, another benefit of HGH is it builds muscle.

Not just any kind of muscle, Lean Mass.

Lean Mass, is a byproduct of strength, energy and stamina.

My father, a former bodybuilder and power lifter actually weighs almost 40 pounds less than me. Over the years, he has developed lean mass. My goal in 2018 is to develop more lean mass.

With no side effects of natural HGH, it's perfect for anyone over 25 to boost lean mass.

Ready to order yet? Wait, there's more.

  • Human growth hormone helps you lose BAD weight.

I'm not saying ditch the Wild Rose D-Tox. Our method is THE best cleanse to losing lower belly fat. HGH, like black seed oil benefits metabolism.

I remember hearing people say "when they were younger, they could eat what they wanted and not gain a pound.... "

That's because their body had the benefit of having high levels of HGH. An awesome benefit to HGH, we don't have to worry about eating what we crave because our bodies are digesting it faster.

The bottom line is stop counting calories to lose weight, give yourself nutrition and growth hormone supplements.

  • Human growth hormone supplements are a mood booster.

That's right, a main benefit of HGH, is it elevates mood. Not just because you are happy you lost weight.

Another false pretense I had, was "roid rage" as a side effect of HGH. Human Growth hormone has no such side effect. It is a mood booster.

The US Natural Library of Medicine Natural Institutes of Health(4) notes that HGH boosts mood, lowers cortisol levels, similar to the same way as Maca and other adaptogens.

  • Human growth hormone helps you sleep better.

Mood boosting was not the only psychological benefit of HGH found by the US Natural Library of Medicine Natural Institutes of Health (5).

  • A benefit of HGH is it increases the QUALITY of your sleep.

  • You can actually sleep less, and get better sleep.

  • Human growth hormone increases memory.

HGH pills result in mental and anti aging benefits.

Alwaysyoung.com brings out that HGH can stimulate the repair and rejuvenation of brain cells. It notes an increase in the "proteins in the brain for storing our memories."(5)

Can you see the benefits of HGH adding up. HGH LITERALLY BENEFITS EVERYTHING.

  • Human growth hormone reduces wrinkles.

-A study by Dr. Daniel Redman noted by HG10.com notes that within a short period of time that HGH will reduce "fine lines and deep wrinkles."(6) "HGH leads to the creation of new proteins that are located under the skin. HGH reduces wrinkles."

Since HGH creates new proteins it benefits the entire body. This means no more loose skin. This isn't just HGH benefits for bodybuilders. ANY Man or Woman over 30, is suffering from some side effect of not producing HGH.

  • Human Growth Hormone supplements treat erectile dysfunction.

HGH is a reliable treatment to erectile dysfunction.When our pituitary gland is sending growth hormone, erectile dysfunction is gone.

With an astounding 90% improvement in men with Erectile dysfunction, HGH is the go to choice for men with erectile dysfunction.

HGH benefits men and women, it boosts libido with no side effects.


I was astonished by the number of benefits of HGH. I kind of came into the study expecting the strength and weight loss of HGH benefits. But the myths of HGH side effects like "roid rage" gave me an unjust prejudice.

I knew after 30, that my recovery time and gains had decreased. I didn't realize the side effects of my HGH. Here, I am a nutrition coach and I put on 30 pounds in a year.

I'm not kidding. I was working out regularly, eating healthy, but it was like my metabolism stopped. Once I started taking the HGH, it was like the benefits of being 25 came back.

You can look all around the site, my most recent picture being the new photo on the homepage with my wife. Other than a Jarrows Formula probiotic, it was just the benefits of GenFx HGH releaser.

  • Compare The Benefits of Natural HGH Supplements Vs Synthetic HGH Supplements Side Effects

There are many companies that pose synthetic HGH as natural HGH, but hide serious side effects. I've only listed trusted sites with HGH for sale, and my discount is included in the link. I mainly use the hgh supplement GenF20plus

I use the GenFx because:

  1. Three separate medical doctors (Including renowned Dr. Stephen Lamm, MD.) have conducted studies on GenFX and endorse the product.

  2. The feedback of users is 5 stars.

  3. GenFX is 100% naturally formulated to stimulate YOUR OWN growth hormone benefits.

  4. HGH benefits with no side effects.

Synthetic HGH is not only illegal but studies have showed the side effects damage your health.

WebMD.com(7) lists the side effects of synthetic HGH:

  1. Nerve, muscle and joint pain.(Take Kratom Powder)

  2. Swelling due to fluid in the body's tissue.

  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome.

  4. Numbness and tingling of the skin.

  5. High cholesterol levels.

  6. Increase the risk of diabetes.

  7. Contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

The side effects of HGH injections and synthetic pills are not a game. If you aren't creating your own HGH, it will kill you.

100% Natural HGH, All the Benefits None of the Side Effects

I made a list of requirements for picking my HGH supplements, I wanted the HGH benefits, but not the side effects. There was no trade off in my teens and early 20's. I want the same in a product now.

The Criteria

  • 100% legal.

  • Results in you creating your own HGH.

  • All the benefits of HGH listed above.

  • Natural HGH, No side-effects.

  • Approved by MULTIPLE doctors.

  • Great prices.

  • Great Reviews.

I knew my criteria was rough, especially as medical doctor endorsements are hard to come by. I almost hoped I wouldn't find one, but I did.

The Best HGH Supplements You Can Buy?

The Best HGH Supplement For Anti-Aging is GenF20+

Genf20Plus comes in as our #1 HGH Supplement.

Click Here To Order GenF20.

GenF20plus comes in as the #1 HGH product.

All benefits, no side effects HGH supplements:

  • It's the most thoroughly researched HGH product I could find.

  • You literally receive ALL the benefits of HGH, but you don't have the side effects found in synthetic HGH.

  • GenF20 was promoted on shows like the view by Dr. Steven Lamm.

  • The reviews were excellent, people are benefiting from HGH

  • In addition to Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, Dr. Jeff Hill DPT, MA,CSCS and Dr. Anna Lepeley, PHD, CSCS, CISSN all endorse Genf20Plus.

100% Natural HGH, with Clinical Studies to Back it up. It has kind of an infomercial feel to it, but the data is real, and if doesn't work you get your money back.


Click here to Order HGH Releaser

If you are looking to get buff, then GenFX HGH releaser is a great product. The difference is GENFX is designed to increase strength.

This is the first one, I ordered. I had to have it. I felt more in gym shape, with this product. It could be because it was my first experience with HGH.

GenFX HGH Releaser utilizes HGH benefits to:

  • Gain Muscle

  • Make Rapid Strength Gains

  • Become the Big, Strong Alpha Male

  • Build Lean Muscle

From my personal experience, you can't go wrong with either product. You have to give it some time, but you will notice a huge difference with the best HGH supplements on the market.

Final Take on the Benefits of HGH Supplements, HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects?

Natural HGH is a wonderful supplement. It isn't a "steroid" or "barely legal". They are a legitimate supplement to boost your HGH, without harming your body.

It definitely has the clinical studies to prove without a doubt, it's anti-aging properties, testosterone boosting properties as well as muscle-boosting enhancement.

While researching benefits and side effects of HGH, I looked into many different companies. These listed here are LEGIT and both all natural.

Use caution, when buying HGH supplements online.

For optimal HGH supplement results, take with a maca supplement and Cool-Ship probiotic.

If you enjoyed this article, please take the time to leave a comment or Share the article. Be sure to subscribe for discounted supplements in our online supplement store.

Interested in healthy living? Click here to find out if minority's are more subject to being Vitamin d3 deficient.

Find out which supplements made our list for top supplements for men.

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8. http://healthland.time.com/2012/08/24/which-drugs-is-lance-armstrong-accused-of-taking/


10. https://medium.com/@calvinmcduffie/anti-aging-is-growth-hormone-the-real-fountain-of-youth-fd8bf77c0ebf

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