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"Weapon X" 2.0, Essential Oils That Boost Libido

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

I have been an essential oils expert for years, so it was a given I would team up with Rocky Mountain Oils. They make great products.

You can click the banner and check out all of there products, I will be talking about the essential oils.

Me and "Kody" (Calvin, but what I call him) have had a date night once a week since as long as I can remember.

Whether it's pool and beer, a night dancing, or a card night at home, its become our tradition.

I have tried different variations over (and over, and over) the years and through mixing and matching I found a blend that never fails to set the mood.

Literally, never.

You can order "Weapon X" by sending us an email at CalvinMcDuffie@guideyourhealth.org. If you want to browse more products, click on any of the Rocky Mountain Oil banners. Tons of products, I love them.

Now On To My Personal Favorite Recipe. The "Weapon X".

Method 1-Aromatherapy

For this method you will simply need

-a diffuser


-2 drops of Ylang Ylang oil

-2 drops of Clary Sage oil

-1-2 drops of Vanilla oil

All About Ylang Ylang

If you want a Therapeutic Grade Ylang Ylang, you can buy it here on Amazon for under 10 dollars.

1.)I love Ylang Ylang because no matter how tough the day was it is naturally a stress and anxiety reducer.

2.)It has a very distinct, pleasant smell.

3.)Ylang Ylang alone has been used as an anti-depressant, a sedative, and an aphrodisiac.

4.)This will without a doubt raise the spirits, rid you of any other stress, and boost the libido.

All About Clary Sage

If you want a Therapeutic Grade Clary Sage, you can buy it here on Amazon for under 10 dollars.

Not to to be outdone, Clary Sage is a miracle worker in it's own right as well.

1.)Clary sage has a mild, woody scent alone but it disappears in this blend.

2.)Clary Sage also fights depression, relaxes nerve impulses, balances hormones, and boosts testosterone.

3.) Expect it to double down on stress relief and relieve any headaches or vertigo.

4.)The hormonal benefits are amazing. For women, it can stop mood swings or discomfort dead in it's track.

5.) For men, it boosts testosterone, and gives physical and psychological boosts. Think of it as the essential oil version of Maca.

All About Vanilla

After trying out and blending different aphrodisiacs I found Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage combined best together but I wanted a different scent. This is where Vanilla comes into play.

The Vanilla breaks the 10 dollar mark, but at 10.25 its a bargain. Click on the photo and you can buy.

1.)Vanilla makes the blend sensual and exotic.

2.)Has aphrodisiac, mood boosting, and sedative properties.

3.)Nothing adds to the "hold me, love me" feel like a tranquilizing vanilla.

Method 2-The Massage

You can do one or the other, or my favorite, BOTH.

For the massage you will need

-When applied topically, you will want to use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils.

-Without a carrier, the oils are far too strong, not enjoyable, and can irritate the skin.

-Carrier oils include sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rose hip oil, and my favorite Coconut Oil.

For the massage, I recommend using Rocky Mountain Oils for a consistently high grade oil.

1.)You take the coconut oil and simply warm it up with 2 drops of each oil.

2.)Mix the oils with your hand to ensure it is spread evenly.

3.)Pressure points, the bottom of your feet, and the temples are great place to begin the massage because your body responds quickly to these spots.

4.)Part of the experimenting is that there is no perfect way and you can simply do it however you like.

5.)Most importantly, have fun. Feel free to mix and match however you like, find your Weapon xXx.

*Don't have a diffuser, No Problem. Amazon is giving Guide Your Health clients a Homeweeks 100ml Auto Off Ultrasonic diffuser LED

Regularly $29.99....You can click on the pic and get it for only $13.99

Essential Oils have a ton of purposes, natural pain relief, anxiety relief, mood boosters, and are an integral part of my newest project.......

..............................SHOWER BOMBS

Yes that's right we now have customized shower bombs at Guide Your Health.

Shower bombs are easy to use and they work like a charm. You can get a dozen for $10.00/dozen or $3.00 for a single bomb. Call (517) 348-9386 or e-mail CalvinMcDuffie@guideyourhealth.org

Try it out, I will be posting a "how to" make a shower blog soon. In the meantime read the Top 10 Things To Do To Be Healthy.

Follow us on social media and PLEASE share this article and win a free shower bomb set.

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