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The Mysterious Death of Dr. Sebi & The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

I was introduced to Nigella Sativa, a/k/a black cumin seeds or black seed oil, by reading the teachings of holistic healer Dr. Sebi. Before Dr. Sebi's death, I was able to watch him speak live on several occasions.

It has made such a profound impact on my life that I have decided to share the benefits of black seed oil with you, as well as talk about the mysterious death of Dr. Sebi. Let's talk about.......

The Mysterious Death of Dr. Sebi & The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Dr. Sebi Legendary Holistic Healer

Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, may be the most important figure in holistic healing and wellness that we aren't talking about. Dr. Sebi's beliefs were firmly rooted in removing mucus from our bodies and his renowned alkaline diet.

Dr. Sebi's death remains a mystery, though many have spoken out. There are many consistencies from each story, but differences as well. This makes finding out what really happened to Dr. Sebi more difficult to find out.

What This Article Covers On Dr. Sebi & Black Seed Oil

This in-depth guide covers many points on black seed oil benefits and on the life and death of Dr. Sebi. Feel Free to jump to a section or to read this entire article. Topics on Dr. Sebi and black seed oil benefits are:

  • Dr. Sebi's Supreme Court Win

  • Different Names For Black Seed Oil

  • What Others Thought of Dr. Sebi

  • Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Diet

  • Gerrod Huggins Exclusive Video on Black Seed Oil Benefits

  • Books on Dr. Sebi

  • Black Seed Oil Testimonials

  • The Top Black Seed Products

  • The Mysterious Death of Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi introduced me to the benefits of Black Seed Oil

Books I have read on Dr. Sebi, have educated me on the alkaline diet, black seed oil benefits, and how to boost the immune system. It inspires me to continue to seek natural alternatives to prescription medicine such as Kratom Powder or Natural Growth Hormone Supplements.

Dr. Sebi spoke often of the importance of plant iron (it attracts other minerals), sea moss, and preventing mucus. I will focus on answering the questions to the mysterious death of Dr. Sebi, and on the specific benefits of black seed oil in this article.

August 6th, 2016 Dr. Sebi was taken from us, but his death does not take from his teachings. In Dr. Sebi's life, he cured many and taught us all how to improve our quality of life.

Not all were believers in Dr. Sebi

The success of Dr. Sebi has not come without critics. Doubters of Dr Sebi, including Dr. Stephen Barrett, attempt to discredit him with bogus articles and statements like (1),"Alfredo Bowman—a/k/a "Dr. Sebi"—liked to tell stories. I have been unable to find any published evidence suggesting that he did extensive research or cured people who were seriously ill."

The problem with such irresponsible statements is that the facts prove otherwise. Our own government in the United States challenged Dr. Sebi's methods of healing.

They wanted to see at least 9 people that could be confirmed healed by Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi brought 77 people he cured and was found by the United States Government NOT GUILTY to false claims. (14)

In addition to Dr. Sebi helping stars including:

photo courtesy of https://newswithattitude.com

  • Magic Johnson

  • Lisa "Lefteye" Lopes

  • Eddie Murphy

  • John Travolta

  • Michael Jackson

Dr. Sebi CURED many poor people for free. Dr. Sebi even cured himself of diabetes, impotency and obesity.

He is the reason so many people have turned to eating more alkaline, sea moss, my introduction to how beneficial black seed oil is and the importance of hormonal balance.

What Other Names Are There For Black Seed Oil?

When you hear people talk of super foods, you often think of Kale or Avocados. I am yet to find anything that tops Nigella Sativa. Nigella Sativa is also referred to as (2)

We will refer to Nigella Sativa in this article, as black seed oil. By the end of this article, you will be a pro on Dr. Sebi and the benefits that black seed oil provides.

Are We The Only Ones Who Are Aware of Black Seed Oil's Benefits?

  • The highly respected Dr Axe, states on black seed oil benefits(3), "few things can boast this type of potency to microbes.

  • One of our favorite bloggers, Wellness Mama, had a great article on the benefits of black seed oil(4), and says, "doctors, are finding success in combing conventional methods with natural ways to support the body. One of these age-old remedies...is black seed oil."

  • Betternutrition.com (5) states, on black seed oil benefits, "Since 1965, nearly a thousand articles have been published on Nigella Sativa ( Black seed oil)...documenting anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, and immune-enhancing properties.

  • One of the top holistic nutrition consultants, Mary Vance, state on black seed oil benefits that, "There are nearly a thousand studies showing black seed oil’s effectiveness..."(6)

Reviews on Dr. Sebi and his Alkaline Diet Include:

  • Theroot.com (7) refers to Dr. Sebi as, "world-renowned vegetarian herbalist, healer, pathologist and biochemist."

  • Motmag.com(8) proclaims Dr. Sebi as, "Natural Nutrition Guru and Vegan Martyr."

  • Eatmovehack.com (8) gives great reviews on the alkaline diet of Dr. Sebi.

  • Healingthroughinspiration.com(10) states,"Once I applied what I learned I began to see drastic changes in my health. From physical being the bruises and scratches on my hands being completely healed as if they were never there!"

The alkaline diet, the benefits of black seed oil, all tie together into the teachings found in the books on Dr. Sebi.

Are You Interested In a Beginners Book on Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Diet?

If you are new to learning about Dr. Sebi, this book explains the premise behind the alkaline diet. This book helped me to understand the concepts of the alkaline diet better. Click here to purchase book.

When we talk about good health, we talk about becoming more alkaline. Mucus and inflammation can't cause disease in an alkaline body. The book is a good start to understanding how Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet works.

What About The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil?

Gerrod Huggins, who learned the benefits of black seed oil before Dr. Sebi's death, speaks on video.

How Can You Benefit From Black Seed Oil and Dr. Sebi's Teachings?

If you were able to watch the video you can truly appreciate how beneficial Nigella Sativa, a/k/a black seed oil is. One of the great natural alternatives to prescription medicine, unleash the powerful benefits of black seed oil.

Dr. Sebi teaches us that black seed oil can benefit the whole family. Whether young or old, black seed oil has a place in your top healthy living supplements.

From Dr. Sebi books and videos, I understood that inflammation and mucus are the cause of disease. If you get any of the books on Dr. Sebi, give the alkaline diet a try. It does not take long to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Sebi.

The Wild Rose Detox, and the Jarrow Cool-Ship probiotics are helpful when starting Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet. They help flush out the bad bacteria and bring in the good bacteria, improving gut health and optimizing your PH levels.

What Books Can I Read On Dr. Sebi, Black Seed Oil Benefits and The Alkaline Diet?

*Amazon continues to provide the best rates on product online or in stores. Guide Your Health members AND visitors can try prime free for 30 days. Click here to for your FREE trial.*

The book Seven Days in Usha Village, is where my journey began. It provides a sense of who Dr. Sebi was before his death.

If you want to find more about the alkaline diet, Dr. Sebi, black seed oil benefits and more they have a GREAT book on Amazon. This is where my journey began. Click here to order the one-of-a-kind Dr. Sebi book.

The book Alkaline Herbal Medicine gives deep insight to Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet before his death. Do you want to learn how to reverse disease through diet?

Alkaline Herbal Medicine book is what led me to Dr. Sebi, black seed oil benefits, and the alkaline diet. Click here to order the foundation of Dr. Sebi's healing through diet.

Understanding The Importance of the Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Doctors and leaders in the holistic health community, including Dr. Axe(12) claim inflammation to be at the root of most diseases.

Black seed oil combats inflammation!

How Has Black Seed Oil Benefited Us Throughout History?(13)

Black Seed Oil Benefits Studied Thoroughly

Since 1965, nearly a thousand clinical studies have been published on Nigella Sativa. Studies prove:

  • Black Seed Oil Has Strong Anti-inflammatory Properties.

  • Black Seed Oil Contains Anti-oxidation Properties.

  • Antimicrobial Properties are abundant in Black Seed Oil.

  • Black Seed Oil has Immune-enhancing properties.

  • Weight loss is a Benefit of Black Seed Oil.

Were Benefits of Black Seed Oil Use In Biblical Times?

The Bible references Black Seed oil on multiple occasions. It is referred to as Cumin in the following scriptures.

What Are Black Seed Oil Benefits For Men and Women?

With nearly 1,000 clinical studies and thousands of years of using black seed oil, what are the benefits? It seems Nigella Sativa is all benefits, no side effects.

Black seed oil benefits include:

  • Rapid Weight Loss is one of Dr. Sebi's Black seed oil Benefits- Black seed oil alters the absorption of FAT in your intestines, other benefits include can appetite control and lowering cholesterol. I take Black seed oil with lean1 protein and the results have been amazing. (You may have seen black seed oil featured in Stop Counting Calories To Lose Weight, Try This!)

  • Dr. Sebi used black seed oil benefits as a pain killer- It can be taken internally (capsule form) to treat bruises, the common cold, headaches, indigestion, and more.

  • Dr. Sebi showed Black seed oil for hair is extremely beneficial- It makes your hair follicles stronger with strengthens the roots of your hair.

  • Clinical studies have pinpointed some specific benefits of black seed oil- Scientists evaluated the anti tumor activity of thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone (active agents) discovering that the two phytochemicals in black seed oil can resulted in 52 percent decrease in tumor cells to help prevent and treat Cancer.

  • The Dr. Sebi book taught me that black seed oil benefits the liver- It can benefit Liver function (from medicinal side effects or high alcohol consumption) and help the Liver from further damage or disease.

  • Dr. Sebi taught Black seed oil benefits in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes prevention- Black seed oil aids in glucose regulation.

  • Fight Infection the Dr. Sebi way, with the benefits black seed oil- When Antibiotics don't work, black seed is used to fight infections that antibiotics can't treat. The biggest example of the power of black seed oil is it was used to fight MRSA. Like probiotics, black seed oil boosts the immune system.

Many proponents of traditional medicine used the teachings of Dr. Sebi, to discover benefits of black seed oil. MRSA couldn't be fixed by antibiotics, they needed the benefits of black seed oil.

Black seed oil side effects? There aren't any.

What Controversy Surrounded Dr. Sebi's Death?

After reading the book on Dr. Sebi, I was interested in the life of Dr. Sebi and finding out more on black seed oil benefits, the alkaline diet and Dr, Sebi's Life.

In his life, he may have contributed more to holistic medicine than any single individual. As I looked at Dr. Sebi's timeline of death, something didn't add up.

There are many questions that revolve around the death of Dr. Sebi. It doesn't add up to many, including myself.

  • Why was a Doctor with high profile patients like Michael Jackson arrested for carrying $37,000.00?

  • Why was he in jail so long?

  • How does a man with perfect health die of pneumonia?

  • Why was it reported his health deteriorated so fast?

Dr. Sebi's wife provides the answers to his unfortunate death.

Despite Dr. Sebi's generous contributions to mankind, it appears the root of all evil was the cause of his death.

The Top Black Seed Oil Supplements

I have recently discovered what I consider the most impressive black seed oil to date. Pictured below, is the #1 black seed oil you can buy, hands down. The Blessed Seed took home our award for best black seed oil supplement for man or woman.

The Blessed Seed, Black Seed oil comes in 3 different strengths. The amount of thymoquinone desired can help decide the strength you need. If you are just looking for an herbal supplement to boost wellness, mild is perfect. If you are looking for herbal healing, you may want a stronger option.

The Blessed Seed has extremely high reviews and is widely regarded as the most potent form of black seed oil. I recently stepped up to the Blessed Seed Black Seed Oil and have had much more noticeable results. The Black Seed Oil is available in liquid or capsule form.

You can click here to order the #1 black seed oil on the market. (19)

You can find the Blessed Seed and other healthy living supplements in our Buy Supplements Online section of the site.

Amazing Herbs is a popular brand of black seed oil. It has high amounts of thymoquinone to ensure you reap all the benefits of the black seed. It can be used topically as well as internally. Click here for the liquid. It's an acquired taste, click here for the capsule form.

This was my FIRST black seed oil, hence the use in the video. I don't feel it has the effects as the Blessed Seed but it is still a great product.

I personally prefer the liquid, it doesn't take long to get used to the taste. Being able to get the topical as well as internal benefits of the black seed oil is worth it. It has a great price on Amazon, and is consistently a great product.

#1 Hybrid Black Seed Product

A relatively new product by New Chapter, Golden Black Seed combines the benefits of black seed with curcumin. Curcumin and black seed oil combine to produce "synergy".

I notice the anti-inflammatory/pain relief attributes stand out extremely. It comes in capsule form.

Click here to purchase Golden Black Seed oil.

Gerrod Huggins Testimonial On Black Seed Oil Benefits

Thymoquinone is the active ingredient in black seed oil that exhibits the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Taking black seed oil there is a noticeable benefit.

I am thankful for the books I have read on Dr. Sebi and the benefits of black seed oil.

I used the blessed seed's Mild black seed oil and Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet to drastically improve my health.

You can purchase the black seed oil by clicking here.

My Testimonial, On My Experience With The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

  • My energy levels are way up. "I feel better", is the best benefit of black seed oil.

  • I've had a huge boost in metabolism, since starting the blessed seed black oil. I have lost a ton of bad weight.

  • It cleared up my skin. The compliments on my skin have gone through the roof, helping to boost my confidence.

  • I am yet to get sick, making me believe my immune system is stronger.

  • I have no inflammation, I am pain-free after working out. I feel great!

  • My anxiety is low and I reduced my cortisol levels quickly.

I would like to encourage anyone who reads this to do more research (i.e. Google, Library) and purchase a bottle to try for yourself. The combination of black seed oil and 100% vegan protein, makes a huge difference.

One thing I can tell you....the more you learn about Dr. Sebi, Black seed oil benefits, and the alkaline diet, the better you will feel.

Thank you for reading the article! I highly recommend giving black seed oil a try.

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