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Craving Onions? The Best Guide To All Your Cravings Meaning!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

One thing we all have in common are cravings. Whether it be a "late night" snack or craving onions, generally we don't crave our healthiest options. Are our cravings meaning important?


Why Do We Have Cravings And What Do They Mean?

  • Why do we crave onions when are liver is overworked? Why are we happier and smiling when we fulfill a chocolate craving?

Sometimes a cravings meaning can be a HUGE sign for something going on in your body.

How we satisfy our cravings should be done in a healthy matter, and not just because you might be counting calories.

Whether you are craving onions, craving peanut butter, or craving red meat, let's find out what the meaning to these cravings are.

We have specific cravings when our body is trying to tell us something.

Craving Salt, Onions? Find Out What Your Cravings Mean!

If our body needs iron, it can't communicate to our brain that we need iron. How does our body let us know? It scans our diet history and recalls a food rich in iron.

Our click your craving tool allows you to click on the picture of the food that you are craving and find out what it means. This way can find the nutrition your body needs to satisfy your body's craving.

100% vegan protein supplement, If you are craving peanut butter, your body may be craving protein, We have a that would be a healthier alternative.

The photos below are an amazing tool in telling you how to find out what your cravings mean. If you crave onions, click on the photo of the onion below to find out the cravings meaning. If you crave peanuts or peanut butter click on the peanuts to find out what the cravings mean and so on.

When you click on the image you are craving it will let you know the meaning by explaining what food or mineral the food is rich in. I further expand on what certain cravings mean in the text below or on foods not pictured. Be sure to continue reading if your craving is not pictured!

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Click Your Craving, Find The Meaning!

Did You Find Out What Your Cravings Mean?

Were you able to find out what your cravings mean? We continue to add to the blog, your cravings meaning could be answered below.

If we don't go into the meaning of your craving, don't worry, you can get a hold of me at Guide Your Health's Facebook Page or send me an e-mail here.

We try to be as accurate as possible with our explanation of cravings, but sometimes we just crave a certain food because it tastes good.

Our cravings can also mean we are running low on a nutritional need or it can be a sign of something more serious.

Consult a physician if you believe your craving persists or if you want to be more accurate.

What Does Craving Onions Mean?

Are you craving onions? Craving onions could mean you are fighting an infection, have high levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol, or are running low on trace minerals.

Craving onions during pregnancy or craving onions before your period is very common in women. Craving onions could be a sign your liver is damaged.

At one time, I had extremely high liver enzymes. I was able to help my liver heal by using Milk Thistle. I was able to fully heal my liver. You can buy milk thistle for your liver by clicking here.

If your onion cravings mean you liver is damaged, I highly recommend the best cleanse for weight loss as well. It is the best cleanse for weight loss, however, it will purify your liver off damaging toxins and clean your entire lymphatic system. It also works for those who are estrogen dominant and need hormonal balance.

Craving onions can also mean your body is fighting an infection before any other signs or symptoms. Onions are known as "natures antibiotic" and are rich in Allicin, a compound known to fight off germs.(1) Onions are loaded with minerals and vitamins and when eaten raw can reduce the production of LDL cholesterol.

In "Forgetting Something, What Are Trace Minerals?" we know that multi-minerals are great sources of Manganese and antioxidants.

You can click here to purchase Trace Mineral Drops. We even awarded Trace Mineral as the best mineral supplement for men and women in a recent post.

Are You Constantly Thirsty? What Does Your Water Craving Mean?

Is the temperature increasing or are had you increased your physical exertion? Is your craving constant or unquenchable?

We crave water for a couple of different reasons, it can be something as minor as dehydration or something as serious as diabetes.(2) Have you had your Vitamin D3 levels tested?

Healthline.com (3) list benefits of drinking more water:

  • Helps maximize physical performance

  • Major effects on energy levels and brain function

  • Prevent and treat headaches

  • May relieve constipation

  • May treat kidney stones

  • Prevent hangovers

  • Helps with weight loss

If you have not had an increase in physical exertion or in hotter than normal temperatures, your water craving could be an early sign of diabetes.

Vitamin D3 is the pro hormone responsible for regulating insulin and is a direct result of prolonged skin contact to sun rays.

Your water craving may mean you need a Vitamin D3 supplement. Garden Of Life makes an awesome Vitamin D3 supplement which can be purchased by clicking here.

What Does Your Chocolate Cravings Mean?

Wondering why you have been craving chocolate lately? Have you been under stress or have you had anxiety? Do you have restless legs?

You may be craving chocolate to increase dopamine levels or your happy hormone serotonin? Craving chocolate can also mean you are low in magnesium. (4)

Listen to your cravings meaning, If you are feeling anxious, you may need an adaptogen to lower cortisol or want to try online therapy for depression.

Your chocolate craving could also mean your body is screaming for magnesium. Triple Calm Magnesium can be found here and is a great response to your chocolate craving.

I have chocolate cravings often, one thing that has helped me tremendously was to find recipes that don't have processed sugar. The no bake cookies I found at minimalistbaker.com is so good it's worth sharing, you can click here to find it.

What Does Your Red Meat Cravings Mean?

AAptiv.com(5) explains that craving red meat my mean you are low in iron. Any other symptom of an iron deficiency, your red meat craving is most likely iron related.

I go back to Garden Of Life, if your red meat craving is your body asking for iron. They have an excellent iron supplement.

Satisfy your red meat craving by taking iron. You can purchase Garden Of Life Iron by clicking here.

What Does Your Pickle Cravings Mean?

Pickles are high in sodium and are a great source of probiotics.(6) Improving gut health is a constant theme at Guide Your Health and a Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotic may be what the body is asking for.

When you crave pickles and want probiotics, consider 3 huge advantages to taking Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotics.

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Craving Pickles can be a sign of poor gut health. Ordering a Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotic gives you the good bacteria your body craves.

What Does Your Salt Craving Mean?

According to healthline.com(7) craving salt could mean more than just wanting salt. It could mean

  • Dehydration.

  • Electrolyte Imbalance

  • Stress

  • Addison Disease

  • Bartter Syndrome

  • Pms

  • Or pregnancy

If you are pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! Be sure to sign up with Amazon's Baby Registry!

Trace Minerals offer a great supplement that can provide healthy relief to your salt cravings. There CONCENTRACE tablets are a great source of electrolytes, trace minerals and magnesium. These 3 supplements all help when you are craving salt and can be purchased here.

Did You Find Your Cravings Meaning?


As parents, we not only have to pay attention to our cravings but the cravings of our child. Research the cravings meaning.

Diet and exercise are the two main components of healthy living. Remember even if your cravings mean you want something sweet, you can still search for healthy alternatives. Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet is a great source of healthy additions to your diet that may satisfy many of your cravings.

We believe in eating healthy and holistic healing. If you craving are a sign of something serious in your body you may want to talk to your doctor and try one of our wellness programs.

Revisit our explanations to cravings, we are constantly updating and adding to the article. Leave a comment below if you would like a different craving meaning added or if you want to give feedback to the cravings explanations we have mentioned already.

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