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How To Manage Cortisol Levels With Maca Root

Updated: May 11, 2020

At Guide Your Health, we are constantly looking for the top natural supplements and remedies to treat common conditions while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most frequent questions asked is how to naturally treat or deal with anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety both lead to and are a result of high cortisol levels. Leading many to wonder, how can we manage our cortisol to lower levels and live life as stress free as possible.

Trust me from experience, supplementing with Maca Powder as a cortisol manager has led me to drastically reducing my cortisol levels naturally. Rather than side effects from prescription medicine that I had been taking, I am now enjoying additional benefits from the super food Maca.

How do we manage our cortisol levels?

  • Supplements like Maca Powder, and other adaptogens promote hormonal balance to reduce cortisol levels naturally.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What Is Cortisol?

  • How To Test Cortisol Levels At Home

  • Supplements to reduce cortisol levels

  • Signs & Symptoms Of High Cortisol Levels.

  • Signs & Symptoms Of Low Cortisol Levels

  • How Adaptogen's Work To Manage Cortisol.

  • Understanding The Benefits Of Maca Powder.

  • How You Can Naturally Reduce Your Cortisol Levels.


Cortisol is generally only brought up in context of the levels being too high. Cortisol itself is not a bad thing. High cortisol levels or too much cortisol causes problems and reducing cortisol levels is a must. Finding the right supplement to manage cortisol levels is essential.

What is cortisol?

  • Cortisol is "one of the steroid hormones and is made in our adrenal glands,"(3) according to hormone.org. Cortisol provides increased awareness, speed and strength as a defense mechanism for humans. We need cortisol to survive.

What is the function of cortisol?

Cortisol, as described by healthdirect.goc.au, (4) has multiple duties. When your "fight or flight" hormones kick in, cortisol is released to:

Without our body releasing cortisol, we would be at risk of a heart attack every time we got upset.

If you fail to make cortisol, it can be disastrous. The condition, Addison's Disease is when your body doesn't produce cortisol. I wouldn't be overly concerned, this condition is very rare. Most of us suffer from cortisol levels that are too high, that are easily reduced with the right supplements naturally.

Signs and Symptoms You Have High Cortisol Levels

Did you know that you recent, sudden weight gain can be a sign you need to lower your cortisol levels? High cortisol levels are often associated with anxiety or anxiety attacks or stress and mood swings, but there are more symptoms you may need to lower your cortisol levels.

Without Maca Powder as a cortisol manager, we are allowing our emotions to dictate our hormonal balance.

I estimate 9 out of 10 people, that are looking for natural cures or remedies to anxiety attacks and stress have high cortisol levels.

The biggest problem with high cortisol levels is it causes stress, and stress produces cortisol.

You can purchase different types of organic maca powder to lower your cortisol levels by clicking here.

High cortisol levels can lead to cravings like chocolate or other foods that increase dopamine or our "happy hormone" serotonin in an attempt to lower stress.

If you suffer from high cortisol levels it doesn't always come in the form of stress. High cortisol levels can also cause rapid weight gain. The type of weight, that counting calories cannot help. No, you need to manage your cortisol with a supplement like Maca powder.

Weight gain in itself can be stressful enough. However, when you have high cortisol levels your body goes into survival mode.

How does high cortisol levels cause weight gain?

  • Holistic Nutrition Consultant Mary Vance explains it best, your body thinks it is undergoing a hardship and may starve. Your body begins to store fat as a defense mechanism.(1)

This is the reason we recommend maca powder as a supplement in our best cleanse for weight loss.

I shared my experiences with panic attacks and anxiety attacks due to high cortisol levels in my online therapy article.

Yes, panic attacks and anxiety are partially mental. However, stress, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and mood swings can be caused by high cortisol levels.

Adaptogens are the most reliable supplements to lower cortisol levels. I find Maca powder root to be the most effective cortisol manager of all adaptogens. In addition to lowering cortisol levels, Maca root powders have other amazing benefits.

Maca helps to lower cortisol and make you a happier and healthier person, I can say definitively that at times when I was grieving that it helped me to fight through.

Maca and Other Adaptogens History As A Cortisol Manager

Ayurvedic Medicine has been used for around 3,000 years. It's an ancient, Indian medicine approach to health. (2) It literally translates to "the science of life."

The reason we are talking about 3,000-year-old medicine is that it translates to today. Adaptogens, including Maca root powders, Ginseng, and Ashwaghanda continue to beat out common prescription medicine to lower high cortisol levels. There's a reason we consider it one of the best supplements for men & women.

Failure to manage our cortisol can cause HIGH stress and anxiety attacks. To combat high cortisol levels, we need to look at ancient, natural medicine.

The Ayurveda beginner's guide gives a good foundation to Ayurvedic medicine. It has many useful and practical natural remedies, including how to use adaptogens to lower cortisol levels.

Being an Amazon affiliate, Guide Your Health is able to offer Amazon Prime free for 30 days, with no commitment necessary. Click here to take advantage of the offer.

It's amazing that 3,000 years ago we knew that cortisol was a stress hormone triggered by our "fight or flight" syndrome. Even more impressive, we still use adaptogens including Maca root powders to lower high cortisol levels.

Part of understanding why adaptogens reduce high cortisol levels is understanding what cortisol is.

Are there tests to see if you need to reduce your cortisol levels?

Yes. In fact, Cortisol levels are fairly easy to test. You can also test them from the convenience of your home. At home test kits give accurate readings on cortisol.

Generally. the tests run anywhere from $150.00-$200.00. To get the best-priced cortisol test, I highly recommend Amazon.

Worried your cortisol levels are too high? Click here to purchase an at-home cortisol level test.

Watch Your Blood Pressure When Cortisol Levels are High

Heart attack, stroke, and high levels of bad cholesterol can result from prolonged, HIGH levels of cortisol. It's something you don't want to play with. It also stresses out the adrenals. Though cortisol levels are easy to lower, when they go untreated they can cause major damage.

Do You Have Low Levels Of Cortisol?

Low levels of cortisol are much rarer, former President JFK had low levels of cortisol from Addison's disease. Symptoms include(5),

Cortisol is our main defense mechanism. It is important for use to make sure our levels are in a healthy range. Maca root powders and other adaptogens provide that hormonal balance.

What Is The Best Supplement To Reduce Cortisol

My personal favorite adaptogen is Maca powder. I have tried 10-12 different adaptogens and Maca root is by far my favorite. There are many other adaptogens if Maca root has not been successful in lowering your cortisol levels.

Chances are, if you looked into a cortisol manager before that your cortisol reducing proprietary blend has stress reducing ingredients from an adaptogen.

Visit our pinterest page or click here for a full list of adaptogens.

Other Popular Adaptogens To Manage Cortisol Levels

Rhodiola to Lower Cortisol Levels, Burn Fat

Gerrod Huggins, founder of Grow Holistik, author of The Mysterious Death of Dr. Sebi & The Benefits of Black Seed Oil and What Are Trace Minerals? Is a huge fan of the popular adaptogen, Rhodiola.

Herb Pharm, pictured above, makes an alcohol-free Rhodiola tonic.

Rhodiola is popular as a fat burner, brain boosting, and energy enhancing adaptogen.

The Russians have used and studied it over the last 70 years for its cancer-fighting properties.(7) You can purchase Rhodiola by clicking here.

Ashwagandha To Manage Cortisol Levels, Build Muscle

Before Maca Root, the first adaptogen I used to lower cortisol levels was Ashwagandha. I was impressed with Ashwagandha and it is my first Maca alternative. It does not provide as much energy as Maca powder but it does help build lean mass.

I've tried different brands but I believe the Gaia brand best responds to stress and anxiety. It is great for when your cortisol levels are high.

You can purchase Ashwagandha by clicking here.

A Deeper Look At How Maca Can Manage Cortisol Levels

What is Maca Root Powder? (8)

  • Maca, featured in our article Best Supplements For Men, Anti-aging and more, is a member of the mustard family and originates in Peru. It grows high up in the Andes and is the highest growing food crop in the world. Though it grows leaves, the benefits are found in the root of the Maca.

What Are the Benefits of Maca Root Powders?(10)

  • Maca powders are quickly becoming the adaptogen of choice. It has many powerful benefit listed in the infographic below.

People are using Maca root powders for everything. It's versatile in its benefits and reasonable prices.

I love Maca Root Powder! Many of the benefits imitate naturally increased HGH.

DrAxe.com states. "Despite being revered for its medicinal properties for thousands of years, maca root is one of the newest remedies to take center stage in the natural health community, and its newfound superfood status is well-deserved."

Dr Mercola states at Mercola.com. "Today, maca is taking on new life with clinically proven and remarkable health benefits, both as a food and supplement. Studies show it to improve mood and memory, lower stress levels, treat osteoporosis, protect against UV radiation,3 help balance hormones4 and perform a dozen other functions."

Who Makes The Best Maca Root Powder?

Hands down, The Maca Team makes the best maca root powders. It is potent and affordable. You would sell yourself short, by not getting this brand. I recommend this to everyone.

You can order organic Maca Root Powder from The Maca Team by clicking here.

Other Forms of Maca Root

Lower Cortisol and Lose Weight With Maca Root Bars

Maca Root Powder is not only used as a cortisol manager but is great for weight loss. They boost metabolism, increase libido and are a great for gut health, and fill you up.

The Maca Team offers organic Maca root in several different forms to manage cortisol levels:

  • Black Maca

  • Maca Capsules

  • Red Maca

  • Maca Root Chips

  • Yellow Maca

  • Liquid Maca

  • Tri-Color Maca

  • Maca coffee and more

Visit The Maca Team By Clicking Here

Maca Root In Pill Form To Reduce High Cortisol Levels

If you absolutely can't get used to the taste of Maca but you still want the benefits. The Maca Team makes them in pill form. I don't think the pills are as strong as the maca powders but they are still effective in lowering high cortisol levels. Vitamin D3 is helpful as well.

You can purchase Maca Root pills here.

Need To Lower Your High Cortisol Levels?

If you have high levels of cortisol, I would definitely try out the maca powder or another adaptogen. We also have a great list of natural mood boosters as well. Maca powders and other stand out because of the additional benefits. Did you know we offer 100% vegan protein products?

Cortisol levels generally run higher in Acidic conditions as opposed to alkaline conditions. Acid conditions are havens for poor health, it's why Dr. Tullio Simoncini uses sodium bicarbonate injections to combat cancer and why Dr. Sebi has an alkaline diet.

Having a poor bad bacteria to good bacteria ratio can cause stress and anxiety as well. You may want to try a Wild Rose D-tox accompanied with a Jarrow Formulas Probiotic. I recommend taking probiotics at the right time daily regardless of your stress levels.

When it comes to picking probiotics, always go with Jarrow Formulas. Use code JarrowNM25 for 25% off your total order.

Remember the #1 way we continue to grow is by your likes, shares, and comments. You can click the social media icons below the article to share the article.

Maca can be purchased in our online supplement store or directly from the Maca Team by clicking here.

Let us know what you use to manage your cortisol levels in the comment section.


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