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Using A Calorie Counter For Weight Loss? Find Out Why It Isn't Working!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Using A Calorie Counter For Weight Loss? Find Out Why It Is't Working!

"How many calories should I eat to lose weight?"

"I'm in the calorie deficit, can you explain why I'm not losing weight?"

"Can I use a calorie counter for weight loss?"

These are THREE very real questions, I've had asked to me in the past 7 days by some not so happy people. I have never used the word calorie regarding weight loss. Research shows, cutting calories is ineffective.


There are plenty of trendy diets and lose-weight-fast scams using the same tactics over and over again. They will continue to use these methods as long as people will keep paying for it.

If you are ever told "counting calories will help you to lose weight"or "the only way to lose weight is a calorie deficit" by a nutrition coach or weight loss program,


You can even print this article and hand it to them. They are either in on the scam or are not qualified to be instructing anyone on how to lose weight.

Whether you eat 3,500 calories or 1,000 calories it does not account for the processes your body need to lose 1 pound.

Let's address the questions above, as well as

  • Why do people believe that counting calories contributes to weight loss?

  • Why doesn't counting calories result in losing weight?

  • What can we eat that actually does cause weight loss?

  • What supplements really work in losing weight?

  • What are the dangers of calorie counting to lose weight?

Why Do People Believe That Counting Calories Contributes To Weight Loss?

Many people have been given misinformation or outdated material. One quick scan on the web and I see sites still giving WRONG information to people who just want to lose weight.

The "Calorie Deficit"

The theory of the calorie deficit is still used by many weight loss programs and "health" bloggers who haven't lost a pound in years.

For example,

Active.com(1) states, "To lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body burns.Your ultimate goal is to figure out exactly how many calories to eat daily to lose weight without being hungry and lethargic." It gives a "calorie deficit sweet spot" of 300 to 500 calories. Dieting should be fun.

Eating just enough, to not be lethargic? Great plan.

Highlights of Active.com "Calorie Sweet Spot"

  • It provides a method of multiplying numbers of hours worked out, your weight, and calories per hour burned.

  • It assigns 4 calories per hour for slow jogging.

  • According to the formula, if you weigh 150 pounds and jog for 1 hour, at a rate of 4 calories per hour, you burned 600 calories through exercise. (150 x 1 x 4)

  • To remain in the "calorie deficit sweet spot" of 300 to 500 calories, this gives you 100 to 300 calories to eat off the rest of the day, unless you burn more calories.

Problems With This Equation

We have all heard the expression, "You are what you eat."

-To believe that weight loss revolves around what you don't eat is illogical.

-Calorie deficit does NOT account for metabolic processes. Will 500 calories of prune juice affect you the same as 500 calories of cheddar cheese?

-Calorie deficit does NOT account for missing nutrition, or the consequences of nutritional deficiencies.

Some diet programs or websites acknowledge this, but still refuse to adapt to a program that actually causes weight loss.

Take Shape.com (2) for example.

In their How Weight Loss Works article, they state, "The only way to burn excess body fat is to create a calorie deficit...Research studies have shown that certain foods can trigger a slight boost in metabolism or result IN GREATER WEIGHT LOSS....but overall, the deficit principle is key."


If a boost in metabolism results in greater weight loss, why would the calorie deficit be the key?

The article is on how weight loss works, why not expand on the best method?

They would have to explain to their entire fan base, they have been giving them misinformation for years.

(3, 4)

Why Doesn't Counting Calories Result In Losing Weight?

Kara Lydon(5), the Foodie Dietitian, Boston Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher effectively explains what calories are.

  • "A calorie is simply a unit of measurement."

  • "A calorie measures how much energy we get from a food."

  • (On Counting Calories) "It makes sense when you punch it into a computer.....Our bodies are not computers."

  • Like the Avocado and the McDonald's hamburger, Kara brings up the point, that all calories are not created equal.

What you DO put into your body, will always play a larger part than what you DON'T.

We Need Calories To Lose Weight

Being that calories measure energy, wouldn't athletes need more energy? How could their body survive using Active.com's "calorie deficit sweet spot"?

It couldn't.

Have you read how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson uses a 5,000 calorie a day diet to stay lean?(6)

Have you read how Seattle Seahawks QB Russel Wilson uses a 4,800 calorie diet to cut weight?

Food coach Phillip Goglia(7) states,

"When you think about metabolism, everybody will think fast or slow, and it's not. Metabolism is ultimately hot or cold. The definition of a calorie is a heat-energy unit....if fat is a lipid and only converts to energy in a hot environment, it just makes sense that you have to eat a certain amount of calories to generate enough heat to burn fat."

Goglia's Other Clients?

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Chris Pratt

  • Kevin Love

  • Carmelo Anthony

  • Rudy Gobert

What Can We Eat That Actually Does Cause Weight Loss?

Most of the article has focused on why calories don't work to lose weight, rather than what does work to lose weight.

Let's discuss what we should be putting in our body to lose weight, like healthy fat from our bullet proof coffee recipe.

Mens Journal list the top 13 foods for weight loss.(6)

If you are serious about losing weight, make a diligent effort to include these foods in your meal plan.

I can't afford the 821 pounds of fresh cod, The Rock goes through. The combination of eating the best I can and using the right supplements is a recipe for weight loss that I can afford.

What Supplements Really Work In Losing Weight?

Featured products available for purchase in our buy supplements online section.

We highly recommend a cortisol manager like Maca to aid in weight loss because they specifically target belly fat. The top overall weight loss supplements are as follows:

Black Seed Oil- Black Seed Oil has many benefits,(7) it has seen a rapid rise in its popularity as a weight loss aid. Black seed oil actually has several properties that make it a major weight loss contributor. The blessed seed has won Guide Your Health's award of excellence for best supplement for a man or woman.

  • Oleic Acid- Black seed oil is extremely rich in Oleic Acid. Oleic Acid speeds up the rate that your body burns fat. Many people use extra virgin olive oil for it's Oleic Acid content but Black seed oil has 2500% more.

  • Phytosterols- Phytosterols are plant fats that limit the amount of cholesterol that our body absorbs.

  • Metabolism Booster- We talked about the importance of metabolism above, black seed oil has been used for centuries to boost metabolism.(8)

Click here to order the most potent Black Seed Oil on the


It comes in 3 different strengths, with each strength having different levels of compounds.

Lean1 Meal Replacement

- I recently covered Lean1 in the Best Protein For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain. This meal replacement is unlike any other fat burning protein shake I've encountered. It has enzymes for absorption and a wide array of weight loss ingredients, to make it ultra-effective.

  • 20 Grams Of Lactose-Free Protein- Protein BOOSTS metabolism, increases lean muscle, sheds bad weight and keeps it off, and lowers high blood pressure.

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids- Lean1 uses branch chain amino acids to curb cravings, speed up recovery time, lower cortisol levels and reduce belly fat.(8)

  • Green Coffee Bean to Burn Fat Faster, Alpha Lipoic Acid to target belly fat, Omega 3's for heart and mind, and 27 vitamins & minerals.

To order Lean1 Click here. They also have a vegan option that you can get to from the link.

For a Full Review on the Best Protein For Weight Loss click here.

Jarrow Cool-Ship Probiotics- Jarrow Cool-Ship Probiotics are unlike any other probiotic on the market, including store bought Jarrow products. I go in-depth on Jarrow's process with Cool-Ship probiotics in the article, Best Time To Take Probiotics, Improve Gut Health. In addition to just being a superior probiotic, Jarrow's Cool-Ship features a prebiotic, inulin fiber.

  • The Cool-Ship Prebiotic, Inulin Fiber- A recent study on SelfHacked.com(9) showed "those who took inulin for 18 weeks lost significantly more weight." The article continues with inulin benefits including: increased nutrient absorption, reduced cholesterol, and prevents weight gain.

  • The Cool-Ship Probiotic- Many recent studies(10) are showing that gut bacteria plays a major role in weight regulation. Probiotics give you good gut bacteria. It does not stop there, probiotics help release appetite-reducing hormones( GLP-1) and lead to decreased fat storage.(ANGPTL4)

Click here to order Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship Probiotics.

Use Code JarrowNM25 for 25% off your total order.

GenF20- We first discussed GenF20 in our review of NATURAL Growth Hormone products, HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects. This is an extremely potent weight loss supplement.

We only recommend natural growth hormone products as natural alternatives for people over the age of 30, who are done producing their own growth hormone. (11)

  • Natural HGH(Human Growth Hormone) boosts energy levels by 82%

  • Natural HGH boosts stamina and adds lean mass.

  • Natural HGH returns metabolism to puberty years and lowers body fat.

Click here to order GenF20.

Click here for the full HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects Article.

These supplements are the best of the best and you won't need all 4 to lose weight. I recommend a Cool-Ship probiotic with a protein, or a Cool-Ship probiotic with black seed oil. Any long term weight loss plan should always include a probiotic.

When it comes to what actually works for weight loss? Not One Mention Of A Calorie.

What Are The Dangers of Calorie Counting To Lose Weight?

As a Wellness Coach, I could not in good conscience give you a method I know would fail. Not when the hard work that is supposed to pay off, is starving you from the nutrition you need.

SmartNutrition.com RD, Jessica Penner, lists 6 dangers of calorie counting.(12)

  1. Calorie counts aren't accurate.

  2. Calorie counting isn't sustainable.

  3. Calorie counting is associated with binge eating and food obsession.

  4. It can't account for your body's natural fluctuations in caloric needs.

  5. It's a restrictive diet and not good for your mental health.

  6. It doesn't respect your body's signals of hunger and fullness.

In Health and Wellness, we are here to assist you in happier and healthier living. Calorie counting and playing the calorie deficit game is not a "No Pain, No Gain" scenario, there is "No Gain."

Focus On What You Are Putting Into To Your Body, Not What You Aren't.

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