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The Best Time You Should Take Probiotics And Why

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The Best Time You Should Take Probiotics And Why

You've got your Jarrow Cool-Ship Probiotics. You are ready to start taking them. The only problem is the box only tells you that you need to take them daily.

Daily, sure but when? When is the best time take probiotics? When should you be taking probiotic supplements?

Now is the time of year, the time many people are finishing their first cleanse or their first detox. People are conscious about losing weight and particularly conscious about their stomach.

Probiotics are a great place to start. Next to how you get your probiotics and what strains of probiotics you want, taking your probiotics at the best time may be the most important question you have.

Most questions about gut health and probiotics have been coming in. People want to know the best time to take probiotics. We will go over the best time to take probiotics and more:

  • What's the best time to take probiotics?

  • When is the best time to take probiotics for constipation or bloating?

  • What is Gut Health?

  • Probiotics vs prebiotics?

  • Are probiotics OK during pregnancy?

  • What is the best probiotic to take?

  • Can you take probiotics with antibiotics?

The more we learn about the human body, the more we understand the importance of gut health. Gut health is not a new topic, but the way we improve it is evolving daily. It is much more than just our digestive system.

We are seeing a steady rise in people taking probiotics to improve gut health, and more people asking when is the best time to take probiotics as well. We need that beneficial bacteria.

What Is The Best Time To Take Probiotics?

  • The best time to take probiotics is with your FIRST meal of the day.(3)

Due to the acidic nature of our stomachs, taking with food increases the chances that the capsule will not be compromised by the stomach acid. If the capsule breaks or opens, much of the bacteria will be destroyed by our stomach acids.

When we take probiotics with a meal, it provides a safer passage for the probiotics to survive these acids. Most of the acids will be concentrated on the food, allowing the capsule to make it further along the G.I. tract.

What Is Gut Health?

Your "Gut Health" generally refers to the overall health of your gastrointestinal tract or G.I. Tract. Your Gut Health or G.I. tract is responsible for (1) many responsibilities, Rd.com lists 5:

How we ward off infection? Whether we are happy or not? Do we have high cortisol levels? Do we have a hormonal imbalance? How much we weigh? How can we strengthen our immune system? Our Gut Health is extremely important in determining our quality of life.

Our gut health is determined by its ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria. Sometimes, if our ratio is out of whack we may crave foods high in good bacteria.

How do we get good bacteria? Taking the right probiotics at the best time.

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics and prebiotics are very different products but they work together great to achieve one purpose, IMPROVE gut health. Yes, prebiotics and probiotics work together to improve health holistically.

Prebiotics are inulin fiber that flush out bad bacteria, while they flush out bad bacteria, probiotics put good bacteria back in your body. What a combination! Push out the bad, and push in the good.

Dr. Mercola(2) goes into detail of the benefits of prebiotics/inulin fiber:

1. Lowers Risk of Diabetes.

2. Promotes Weight Loss.

3. Increases Heart Health.

4. Increases Bone Health.

5. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer.

6. Reduces Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

7. Relieves Constipation.

The importance of Prebiotics is often overlooked yet the benefits are vast. A big part of getting a better ratio of good to bad bacteria is getting bad bacteria out of our bodies. This is holistic healing!

What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics?

We are constantly hearing about probiotics but what specific benefits can we receive from probiotics? What happens when we give our body good bacteria?

A recent study by the University of Harvard(3) focused on 3 areas where probiotics show significant improvement. These 3 areas were:

  • Improved Immune System Health.

  • Protections Against Hostile Bacteria to Prevent Infection.

  • Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption.

I can attest, since I have been on probiotics daily that I have not gotten sick once. Probiotics not only help you have an increased overall wellness but they help make your other supplements work even better.

In addition to these 3 benefits, the Global Healing Center lists probiotics benefits as:

  • Calmed colon irritation.

  • Balances the adverse affects of antibiotics.

  • Healthier looking skin and complexion.

  • Therapeutic effects of upper respiratory health.

  • Promotes healthy yeast balance.

  • Supports vaginal health.

  • Promotes oral health and cures bad breath.

  • Increased ability to synthesize vitamins.

  • Heightened calcium absorption

  • Supports Vitamin K production.

The benefits vary from person to person, I often see people who have a healthy glow to their skin and can tell if they take probiotics or not. It's similar to when people take collagen, they appear to be a healthier person.

Probiotics make you a happy, healthier person.

The difference between taking and not taking probiotics is night and day. Because you are increasing nutrient absorption, the benefits of increased energy, cannot be stated enough. What if you are pregnant?

Can Probiotics Be Taken When Pregnant?

Yes! Not only can probiotics be taken when pregnant but they are highly recommended(4). Probiotics can reduce the risk of preeclampsia. Daily use of probiotics can reduce the risk of preeclampsia by 39%.

Symptoms of preeclampsia include:

  • High Blood Pressure.

  • Protein in the Urine.

  • Severe Headaches.

  • Vision problems.

  • Belly pain.

  • Nausea.

  • Dizziness.

  • Sudden Weight Gain.

  • Swelling in Hands, Legs, and Face.

Probiotics also reduce the risk of Gestational Diabetes, IUGR, C Reactive Protein and Eczema.

Probiotics increase the immune system of the baby as well.

What Is The Best Probiotic To Take?

To a certain extent, all brands of every supplement matter. None more so, than which method you choose to go about getting your probiotic.

I made an infographic to better explain the best method of going about getting your probiotics. Due to the fact, that probiotics are living bacteria, probiotics require extra care when purchasing.

The #1 complaint of probiotics is they don't work. The reason that many don't work is due to the method in which we buy them. Let's look at the process of how you buy your probiotics.

By the time, the probiotics make it to your home they have been through many adverse situations. The likelihood that you are getting what you are paid for is likely somewhere between slim and none.

The reason I recommend Jarrow Formulas probiotics, with the Wild Rose D-Tox is quite simple.

  • It's the most effective and efficient means to get the probiotics.

  • They offer a variety of probiotics, making it easy to target the probiotics you want.

  • They include prebiotics in the bundle.

Let's compare this process to purchasing a Jarrow Formulas probiotic.

When you order a Jarrow Formulas probiotic via cool-ship, you are saving anywhere from 4-8 months shelf-time. You literally are getting the probiotic directly from the manufacturer.

In addition, if you click here to order your probiotics and use code JarrowNM25, you save an additional 25% off your order. After investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars into probiotics, my initial results were hit or miss.

Sometimes I felt like it worked and sometimes I felt like it didn't. With Jarrow Formulas, I consistently get a high quality product. This why it made our list of best supplements for men.

We use probiotics at Guide Your Health for 3 main purposes,

1. To Aid in Weight Loss.

2. To Boost Immune System.

3. To Boost Nutrient Absorption.

The ONLY probiotic, that I can say can accomplish these 3 goals, is a Jarrow Formulas Probiotic. THE most important factor in improving your good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio is putting LIVING good bacteria into your body. The cool-ship program is the only way I know that can do that EVERY time.

Can You Take Probiotics With Antibiotics?

Yes, I prefer to take probiotics INSTEAD of antibiotics. An antibiotic fights off infection by simply killing off everything.

Conversely, when you take a probiotic, it gives you good bacteria. This good bacteria fights off the bad bacteria without the risk of destroying your good bacteria.

We recommend probiotics as a replacement for antibiotics. Taking them in combination, however, is much better than taking an antibiotic alone.

Why Rotate Strains?

I mention in the second infograph that I rotate probiotics. The main reason behind this is because probiotics area bacteria, taking the same exacts strains you risk resistance.

Your body can become immune and build a resistance to specific strains if you use the same strain month after month. I found a safe place to rotate at about 3-4 months, before I switch to a different probiotic.

This is another benefit of Jarrow Formulas, they have an extremely wide variety. Even IF, you rotated the same 2 probiotic strains, you are less likely to build a resistance.

In case you missed it, be sure to look into our ground-breaking Protein products.

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