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2019's Best Supplements for Men & Women

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Guide Your Health Awards The Best Supplement Companies For Men & Women

Thanks for allowing us to continue to expand Guide Your Health. We have gotten the chance to meet with 100's of great companies and try many supplements.

When it comes to finding the BEST supplements, and the BEST supplement companies for men and women, it can be extremely TOUGH to do.

Ideally, we could treat cure or prevent disease, mainly through a high quality, balanced diet of organic fruits, vegetables and wild caught Salmon full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

There are many studies showing that the food just isn't as healthy as it used to be, many people rely on supplements for their nutritional intake.

Don't be fooled, not all supplements are created equal.

What Was The Criteria For The Best Supplements For Men & Women?

  • It has to be a supplement that we have tried ourselves and got excellent results.

  • It has to be a supplement that we recommended to others and got excellent results.

  • The company has to have a great reputation for honesty and integrity.

  • We favored products that both men and women can use.

We were able to narrow it to 8 companies, listed in no particular order. We would like to present these companies the Guide Your Health Award Of Excellence In Wellness.

A Special Thank You To Two Excellent People For Helping Us Find The Top Supplements For Men & Women

Thomas Carello (Enzymedica)

Thomas Carello, our rep from Enzymedica has been instrumental in our success.

Gwendolyn Morruzi (Jarrow Formulas)

Gwendolyn changed the way that I view probiotics and Jarrow Formulas has the science to back it up.

  • She helped me to understand the importance of gut health and was instrumental in helping me to write, The Best Time To Take Probiotics.

  • She has been with Jarrow Formulas for 2.5 years and said she had little knowledge in supplements before her employment. She must be a quick learner.

  • She now takes a Probiotic, (Saccharomyces Boulardii) Biotin, Glucosamine, Fish Oil and Methyl B12.

You can find Saccharomyces Boulardii here and use code JARROWNM25 for 25% off.

A genuine thank you from the both of us, companies with the best employees make the best supplements.

The Best Supplements And Companies For Men And Women

Want to take a look at your supplements and see if your supplement made the list? I'll list the companies and go over a brief description of each company.


Visit Jarrow Here

Jarrow's Mission Statement:

  • "The goal of Jarrow Formulas® is to promote optimal health with high-quality, effective, affordable, and superior formulation of dietary supplements.

  • Our staff of scientists and health professionals are actively involved in clinical studies and continually work with researchers from universities and institutes around the world. Jarrow Formulas® strives to provide the best service and technical information to consumers.

  • Read about our Total Quality Pledge and commitment to superior nutrition and formulation of GMP compliant supplements here."

Why Is Jarrow The Best Probiotic For Men & Women?

  • We absolutely love Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship program. We get excellent feedback on the products, and take them regularly.

  • If you are new to Health & Wellness, the FIRST product I recommend is a Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotic.

  • Be sure to try different strains and pay attention to how your body responds to different strains. Don't forget to click here to order and use code JARROWNM25 to get 25% off your total order!


Visit Navitas Organics Here

Qoute From Zach Adelman, CEO and Founder:

  • "We uphold our promise of sourcing the best organic superfoods the world has to offer. Our passion is sharing these global treasures and living life positive as we do it."

Why is Navitas Organics The Best Superfood Supplement For Men & Women?

Navitas Organics Maca Powder has a sweet, nutty taste with hints of butterscotch. It can be mixed easily into smoothies, shakes and juices for a healthy boost, and can also be added to cereals, nut butter, desserts and baked goods.

  • Navitas Organics Gelatinized Maca Powder is also 100 percent Maca root; it has simply been processed with heat to break down the starch in the plant.

  • This makes Gelatinized Maca a great place to start for people who might be sensitive to digesting uncooked, starchy roots and vegetables. This extra step deepens the unique, nutty flavor of Maca and adds a pleasant toasted flavor.

We now offer raw maca, maca bars, and organic maca powder in our online store now!


Visit The Blessed Seed Here

Qoute from The Blessed Seed:

  • "On analysis, we found that most companies sell Black Cumin Seed Oil with a volatile oil content of about 1%. The volatile oil found in our Black Seed Oils, however, vary from 1% (MILD) to 4.8% (STRONG).

  • This is why the blessed seed is able to offer 3 different strengths of Black Seed Oil; including our STRONG oil; which is the strongest Black Seed Oil available anywhere… in the world!

  • Almost all black seed oil will have a certain amount of volatile oil content. This is what makes the oil pungent. Noticeably our stronger oils are more pungent."

Why Is The Blessed Seed The Best Black Seed Oil For Men & Women?

While working on the Mysterious Death of Dr. Sebi and the Benefits of Black Seed Oil with Grow Holistik's Gerrod Huggins two things became very clear.

  • The benefits of Black Seed Oil are undeniable. It is one of the most researched supplements in wellness.

  • Black Seed Oil comes in different strengths. What impressed us so much with TheBlessedSeed, is not only do they have the cleanest extraction process but they have the strongest black seed oil on the market. Order here!


Visit Nutrition53

Qoute From All-Pro LB Bill Romanowski & Nutrition 53 Founder:

  • "You've got one life to live and you want to make each and every day count. That's why Nutrition53 is committed to delivering better results for the lives people live every day. Better results for people just like you."

Why is Lean1 The Best Protein For Men & Women?

Besides tasting great, Lean1 has emerged as the top protein due to it's high number of high quality ingredients. It's perfect balance of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and more GUARANTEE results.

  • Nutrition 53 is not just limited to protein however. Click here to view all products. One thing they all have in combination is that they use awesome ingredients that work well together.


Visit TraceMinerals.com

About Trace Minerals Research:

  • "Trace Minerals Research is the ionic mineral supplement brand you’ve known and trusted for over 40 years. Until 1999, TMR had only a handful of products. But in that same year, Matt Kilts and Scott Perkes, visionary TMR sales representatives saw the monumental growth potential these and future products had. Combining their resources, they purchased TMR and began strategically launching and marketing an ever-growing line of products. In the first 10 years, they grew the company over 800%! "

Why is Trace Minerals Research The Best Minerals For Men & Women?

  • In Forgetting Something? What Are Trace Minerals? Gerrod Huggins quotes Dr. Paul Linus (2 time Nobel Peace Prize Winner) "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to mineral deficiency."

  • Many times our body sends us cravings and we have no clue the meaning. Often our body is craving minerals, particularly trace minerals. You can't live well without minerals and Trace Minerals Research is the best in wellness.

We often overlook trace minerals because we only need trace amounts of them. The problem is when we don't have them, it can lead to major problems.


Visit Coastline Kratom

About Coastline Kratom:

  • "Coastline Kratom was founded in 2015 by Joshua Fulton and has quickly become one of the leaders in the kratom industry. In our relatively short existence, we have already developed a product catalog and reputation for excellent customer service that is unparalleled. "

Why Is Coastline Kratom The Best Natural Pain Reliever For Men & Women?

  • "While searching for alternatives for opioid use I came across Kratom. After intensive research and trying dozens of brands, we not only found it helped with opioid addiction, but pain relief, anxiety relief, and provided a natural energy boost.

  • The biggest issue I came across with Kratom was making sure it was properly sourced. While writing the Ultimate Guide To Kratom Powder, we discovered Coastline Kratom to be the cream of the crop.

They have affordable pricing, quality products, and great customer service! Order here!


Visit Garden of Life

Quote From Garden Of Life Website:

We want the best when it comes to our food - clean, organic, and non-GMO. Why would we want anything different for our vitamins and supplements?

Why Does Garden Of Life Make The Best Multivitamins And D-Tox For Men & Women?

Garden of life talks the talk, "clean", "organic" and "non-GMO" and they definitely walk the walk. Ironically, the first whole food multivitamin I ever took was Garden of life Mykind. We carry it for men and women in our online shop and it is my absolute favorite multivitamin.

The first Garden Of Life Product that we wrote about was the Wild Rose D-Tox, in The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss & Belly Fat.

My wife and I still do the Wild Rose D-tox twice per year. It never fails! I feel more energetic, physically fit and get higher quality of sleep following the cleanse. Click here and give it a try! I guarantee you will notice an improvement.


Visit Enzymedica Here

Qoute from Dr. Michael T. Murray, CSO, Enzymedica:

“My mission in life is to not only increase the awareness of natural products but to increase awareness around the crucial role our gut plays in our health.”

My experience with Enzymedica:

  • When I first started Guide Your Health, Enzymedica was the first company I reached out to. I had did a training program as a store manager they offered, I hope they still do because it's amazing.

I was given the book, Everything You Need To Know About Enzymes by Tom Bohager. It changed my life.

Not only does this book break down enzymes so that my kids can have a CLEAR understanding but it shows the healing power of enzymes. You can click here to purchase the book.

  • Want pain relief or expedited injury recovery, take Repair Gold. Lactose intolerant? Take a Digest Gold with your meal. Avoiding the flu bug going around? Take Enzyme Defense. These are all products by Enzymedica that we not only have in our online shop but we use because they work.

I'm often asked if I could ONLY take 1 supplement, what would it be? Enzymes, Enzymedica's specifically.

Brain Pill

Visit Brain Pill Here

The #1 Nootropic and Adderall Substitute, Brain Pill is endorsed by 74 time Jeopardy Winner and all-time earnings leader Ken Jennings. Read more in Buying The Best Nootropics (Adderal Substitute).

Brain Pill combines Cognizine, Synapsa, Huperzine, Vinpocetine, Ginkgo Bilboa, Vitamin B12, DHA complex, Phosphatidylyserine, Tyrosine, Theanine and Vitamins B5 and B9 to make the best nootropic known to man. Click here to order.

Wellness Sites That Represent Excellence In Wellness

I love blogging and I want Guide Your Health to be the best health & wellness site on the planet. We are currently remodeling the site and expanding our reach but that doesn't mean I don't wish well on other bloggers.

It's the opposite in fact, I read plenty of blogs and articles from other wellness sites. In fact, there are 3 blogs that I read daily, I would like to acknowledge them for great content.

I truly enjoy reading WellnessMama.com I know it's a "mom blog" but it's loaded with information. Everything from Shea Butter Uses to Himalayan Salt Lamps, she does a great job covering a variety of topics and explaining it clearly.

Selfhacked.com is a site that I started following early and quickly became addicted to. If you are into avoiding lectins and cutting edge science, its an awesome cite to visit.

If you aren't following lovethatmax.com you are missing out. Ellen Seidman paints such vivid pictures of her and her family that you can't help but feel like you know them. It's a must read.

Click here to find out how to buy supplements online, directly from the vendor. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our free membership to get exclusive coupons, monthly newsletters and discounted supplements.

If I missed a company, feel free to comment. I tried to stick with companies that I've established a relationship with and have taken their products.

We continue to grow because of your likes and shares, If you enjoyed reading it we are truly grateful. Click one of the social media buttons below the article to share the article on that platform.

Interested in Healthy Living? Don't Forget To SMILE! Smiling not only increases your happiness but guess what it does for others?

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Company Sites

Jarrow Formulas


Navitas Organics


Blessed Seed




Trace Minerals

https://traceminerals.com/ Coastline Kratom


Garden Of Life




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