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The Best Supplement ( You Never Heard Of) For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

We have all been there.

We are looking for the best supplement to lose weight or the best supplement to gain muscle. Not everyone has the time or money for an expensive high protein diet.

Want to lose body fat? Gain lean muscle? Counting calories does not work.

Yes, losing weight and gaining muscle are two completely different things. But, when it comes to protein, it is the "king of nutrients"(1) when it comes to weight loss and adding lean mass.

Nutrition Researcher Kris Gunnars(2) lists benefits of protein as:

Your protein intake contributes largely to your overall health and you will want to supplement with protein if you are looking for weight loss or muscle gain.

Maybe you have tried the best cleanse for weight loss and belly fat, supplements that boost metabolism, or naturally increasing growth hormone . Now, you want to add a protein to your diet to continue losing weight, building muscle, or both.

Regardless if you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, the best supplement to add to your diet is Nutrition 53 Lean1.

The Best Protein For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Guide Your Health has been reluctant to endorse a specific protein until we were 100% sure, we had found the best protein supplement on the market.

While searching for the best protein for weight loss and muscle gain we need to consider a few key questions,

  • How Do Amino Acids Aid Protein Supplements to Best Aid In Weight Loss And Muscle Gain ?

  • Does The Protein Have Extra Supplements Best Suited For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain?

  • Is The Protein Lactose-Free Or Does It Have A Vegan Option?

  • Is The Protein Affordable?

I had the pleasure of networking with former All-Pro LB Bill Romanowski via LinkedIn.

We discussed supplements and his innovative new line, Nutrition53.

Nutrition 53 makes easy to absorb supplements that all people seeking a healthy lifestyle can use.

  • Glow1 is a hair, skin, and nails product that utilizes the benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin and collagen.

  • Multi1 is a next level multi-vitamin. Rather than just you standard mash of Vitamins, Multi1 is also a multi mineral. It contains advanced level B Vitamins, brain boosters, anti-aging nutrients and natural mood enhancers.

  • Neuro1 is the FIRST premium anti-aging brain focus supplement that improves circulation in the brain. It combines 30 research proven nutrients that support better memory, longer concentration, improved mood and sharper focus.

The product that impressed me the most? Lean 1. The #1 product to lose weight and gain muscle.

Amino Acids And Protein For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Dr. Robert Coker states that, "amino acids, included as a part of a meal replacement, improved the synthesis of muscle and led to a greater loss of fat."(3)

Protein is a building block of muscle, but protein can not move without amino acids.

What stands out about Lean1?

Lean 1 not only has amino acids, it is high in branched chained amino acids.

Branch Chained Amino Acids offer many weight loss benefits including(4),

Branch Chained Amino Acids also help to build muscle by(5),

  • Stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

  • Increasing recovery time, so you can work out again.

What Extra Ingredients Make Lean1 The Best Supplement For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain?'

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids- Omega 3's are often taken in the supplement form as fish oil, as a top aid in weight loss(5) and muscle gain. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids are found in Lean 1, helping to prevent cravings and reduce belly fat.

Unless you have a diet rich in mackerel, salmon, cod, chia seeds or hemp seeds, you may be low on Omega 3's.

Supplementing with a protein like Lean1 can help you to enjoy the weight loss, muscle building effects of Omega 3's.

Green Coffee Bean-Green coffee bean is an extremely effective supplement that my wife Lacey and I had been supplementing with for some time now.

Many benefits for weight loss and muscle gain in the supplement come from Green Coffee bean containing 100% pure Cholorgenic Acid. (6)

Benefits include,

  • Being A Powerful Antioxidant.

  • Normalizing Blood Sugar.

  • Aiding In Weight Loss.

  • Protecting Heart Health.

  • Anti-Aging.

  • Energy Boosting.

  • Brain Health.

  • Fighting Cancer.

Other ingredients-

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antixoxidant that is best used to supplement weight loss and muscle building.

  • Hoodia is an appetite supressant.

  • Dietary fiber is popular among bodybuilders and dieters alike to promote regularity and reduce belly fat.

Is Lean 1 Lactose Free? Is There A Vegan Option?

Lean1 is a great option for those like myself, who are lactose intolerant. It's 100% lactose free, unlike traditional whey protein. No need to worry about upset stomach.

There is a Vegan option as well. Vegan1 is the first first 100% vegan protein and can be bought by clicking here.

Is Lean1 affordable?

Absolutely. In fact, you can order Lean1 by clicking here for under 30 dollars per bottle.

Do you suffer from low protein?

Our bodies require protein everyday, even more when we are looking to lose weight or add muscle mass. There are certainly going to be days when our diet doesn't consist of adequate protein content.

A sedentary man requires 56 grams of protein per day, while a sedentary woman requires 46 grams of protein per day, on average.(9)

Keep in mind this is how much protein your body needs to maintain where it's at, not enough protein to lose weight or build muscle.

Signs you aren't getting enough protein?(10)

1. Cravings of food high in protein.

2. Muscle and joint pain.

3. Recovering slow from injuries.

4. Hair, Skin and Nail Troubles.

5. Fluid Retention.

6. Getting sick regularly.

7. Brain Fog.

Even IF you aren't interested in burning fat or gaining muscle, if you have 1 or more signs of protein deficiency than you may consider adding Lean1 to your diet.

There is NO DOUBT that Bill Romanowski was a Champion ON THE FIELD. Now we are talking about Bill Romanowski OFF THE FIELD. His innovative products are reasonably priced with excellent ingredients. Right now, they are #1.

Other Supplements That Aid In Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Black Seed Oil- Black seed oil has many benefits. One of the increasing uses for black seed oil has been weight loss. The Blessed Seed has the top black seed oil on the market. Find out more by clicking here.

Natural Growth Hormone- Naturally increasing growth hormone is a sure way to lose weight and to gain muscle mass. By dramatically boosting metabolism and growing muscle faster. GenF20 is definitely the #1 natural HGH product.

Jarrow Cool-Ship Probiotics- Jarrow Formulas probiotics are great for weight loss. Many Guide Your Health users are familiar with Jarrow's cool-ship program. Use code JarrowNM25 to get 25% off your order. Order Cool-Ship probiotics here.

Bullet Proof Coffee- Dave Asprey and bulletproof coffee quickly became a part of the ketogenic movement. Using fat to burn fat has become one of the biggest diet trends as of late. Click here for our bullet proof coffee recipe.

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