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Considering Online Therapy? Good Idea

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I remember the nervousness. Not quite knowing what to expect. I walked toward the office. As I walked in, a friend from High School I hadn't seen in years was walking out.


I sat down, a lady at least 5-7 years my junior walked in, "I like to jump right in."she said. The personal questions started firing away. I looked at my wife.

Needless to say, I NEVER went back.

My wife Lacey, had finally talked me into seeing a therapist about my panic attacks. Instead of helping, she was giving me more anxiety.

I don't know exactly what was supposed to happen, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't it.

I would never tell someone not to go to therapy. That's it. Going to therapy. I didn't have the option to participate from the comfort of my home.

Lacey And I shortly After getting married in Key West, Fl.

I didn't get to choose where my therapist was. I didn't feel like that office was my safe place, much more was I going to open up to her. Lacey didn't even give me much grief about it, but panic and anxiety were still years away from being under control.

For some people, a natural mood booster for depression or adding an adaptogen to lower cortisol, and that's all it takes.

Other times, there are underlying issues, where you need that extra boost from a licensed professional to help to put the pieces back together.

*Side Note*

I had a client, going through a rough time and he felt divided on whether he should try a natural approach or speak to a therapist.

If there is one thing I have learned since I started writing the Healthy Living blog, like Simoncini and the cancer cure, is that

nothing beats the combination of both.

I recommended alkalizing his body and seeking therapy. He wanted to try online therapy, so I did some research. I decided to share my findings with everyone.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -Solution Based Therapy

Whether we are seeking a therapist online or offline, you want to pay attention to what methods they use for treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is THE most successful therapy offered. Unlike Freudian psycho babble, (My Dad has a PHD in psychology, he may not appreciate that comment lol) CBT is a proven process.(1)

1.Identify the Problem-This could be PTSD, a divorce, or in my case panic attacks.

2.Become Aware of How You Feel About The Problem-What is your interpretation? How do you feel on the matter?

3.Identify Negative or Inaccurate Thinking- Watch your physical,emotional, and behavioral responses.

4.Reshape Negative or Inaccurate Thinking-You change the way you feel about the situation.

I think we all use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy all the time in everyday life.

For example, as parents our children are all inevitably scared of monsters at one time. The child may overcome with fear. You want to get to the core of the fear and come up with a solution. Without even knowing it, you may use Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the most efficient form of therapy because you understand the solutions.

You may do steps 1-4 like this:

1. Identify what the child is afraid of. If it's the boogey man under the bed then that is the problem.

2.You want the child to realize what they are going through is fear.

3.If the child only feels this way, when they watch scary movies you may explain to them that they are afraid. But, they are afraid because they watched a scary movie, not because a man is under the bed.

4. The child understands that scary movies makes them scared, and they learn to either realize it's just a movie or they pick a new type of movie to watch. As the parent, you guide them.

What conditions does it work for?

Online therapy works for all conditions that regular therapy works for. You are still meeting with a licensed professional, just from the privacy of your home.

Online therapy has higher success rates in addiction, agoraphobia, anger, anxiety, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder(BPD), depression, general anxiety disorder, health anxiety, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship, social anxiety and speech anxiety.

A recent article in the Huffington Post( 2)gave 4 reasons why online therapy is so beneficial.

1. People Open Up Faster- Maybe it has to do with you being in your comfort zone or the fact that the therapist is online. Maybe a combination of both. People tend to open up sooner online.

2.Online Therapists are more dedicated- When you shoot your online therapist an e-mail, it is much easier for them to reply. In the end, online therapists have faster response times and part of them getting back with you quickly is part of the treatment.

3.Online therapy is great for differently-abled people- A wide variety of people have access to online therapists. If you are agoraphobic and won't leave the house, you aren't leaving to see a therapist. Or if you are struggling to deal with being in a wheel chair, you may not be anxious to go out in public right away.

4.Access to remote areas - Not everyone is close to a therapist. The top therapists are in metropolitan areas, if you aren't near New York City or Los Angeles you may never have the chance to book this top therapist.

Which Online Therapist To Go To?

The main purpose of Guide Your Health is to learn to take control of your life, find answers to your questions, and find out what is the best of the best.

As I begun my search for THE BEST online therapists, I took into account 5 factors.

1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy- I was quickly assured that Cognitive Behavior Therapy is THE most successful form of therapy. Not only does it have the highest success rates but most people are done in 10-12 weeks.

Being that the bulk of my clients have asked about anxiety, agoraphobia,bi-polar, post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety and speech therapy, I had to find one company that covered those bases.

2. The Most Qualified and Experienced Therapists-You can have the right program, if you don't have the right operators then it's not going to work. I looked into the minimum requirements for a therapist and what their average therapist resume looked like.

3.Fully Supported-To be fully supported it has to have more than just chat. It has to actually be able to help people and have a REAL plan in place.

4. Affordable-I compared it with regular therapist prices and it has to be in line. You can't gouge the customers.

5. Success Stories/Review- I want to be able to look at the reviews and find that people using the service are satisfied and are happy they went through the company.

The Best Online Therapist Company is....

While researching online companies, one name kept popping up, online-therapy.com

They are literally the front runner by far, and it's not even close. I e-mailed online-therapy.com and they even agreed to give Guide Your Health customers 20% off. Click the link or read on to find out more.

How Did They Fare?

1.Cognitive Behavior Therapy-The whole operation is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy. When you sign up you have FULL ACCESS to the therapy program they BUILD AROUND YOU and DAILY ACCESS to your therapist.

Score 5/5

2.Qualified & Experienced Therapists- They pride themselves on the number of TOP therapists in DIFFERENT fields. Top therapists in Agoraphobia, Anger, Anxiety, Bi-polar, Borderline personality disorder(BPD), Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety, Insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), Panic Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Relationship, Social Anxiety and Speech Anxiety.

Score 5/5

3.Fully Supported-Online-Therapy offers workbooks, 24 hour therapists, easy-to-follow information, literally EVERY resource you can imagine is at your disposal.

Score 5/5

4.Affordable-Yes! It's cheaper than my therapist 5 years ago. A higher quality and more resources for less. On top of that click this link here and sign up with an additional 20% off.

Score 6/5

5. Success Stories/Review-They were the top ranked online therapist I found. The people seemed to be genuinely happy about the services received and went on to recommend them to the others.

Score 5/5

One review stated ,"It is a straightforward therapy for getting to know and treat the root of your problems. The therapist's comments are very helpful and insightful."

Another stated, ""The service is very easy to use and lets you work at your own pace."

If you would like to book at online-therapy and get the 20% off click here.

There is no long term commitment. Like anything else, I recommend taking the right supplements and finding the right balance. If it's for you, a spouse, or a child I wish you the best of luck. I can be reached at calvinmcduffie@guideyour health.org.

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