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The Best Adderall Alternative, Unlock Your Brain Potential

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Looking for the best Adderall alternative, the best legal alternative? We've found it.

You may have read about the nootropic Brain Pill, in 2019's Best Supplements for Men and Women or seen it in our online supplement store, now find out why you should be using...

The Best Adderall Alternative, Unlock Your Brain Potential

I won't make you wait, if you would like to order the best Adderall Alternative in 2020, I'll let you know now. If you'd like to read the article than please review it.

What is the best adderall alternative?

  • BrainPill, without a doubt. I've tried many nootropics and actually get many samples for free.Nothing I've taken even comes close. You can click here to order.

The Rest Of The Article Includes:

  • Personal Experiences With Adderall

  • How I found a legal alternative to Adderall that actually improved brain function

  • How nootropic supplements work and why BrainPill is different

  • The science behind BrainPill and how it can treat ADD

  • Why BrainPill is the best alternative to Adderall

My First Experience With Adderall

I've never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but my freshman year of college I was introduced to Adderall. Like many other college kids, who doesn't want to blow off most of the semester and cram 3 months into two nights and Ace the final.

The problem is after cramming for exams for years, you finally landed the job you worked so hard to get. Why work 75-80 hours a week when as an alternative, you can take the same Adderall and lead the pack in a 40 hour work week.

Who doesn't want?

  • Enhanced cognitive function

  • Increased focus

  • Improved concentration

  • Superior mental performance

  • The ability to work long hours without mental fatigue

The problem isn't that "smart drugs" like Adderall don't work, it's that they work too good. Yes, Adderall is a prescription drug. However, not everything the doctor prescribes is healthy in the long term. There's a reason we are searching for Adderall alternatives.

What if I told you that I knew of a natural Adderall substitute that not only worked better than Adderall, but it had NO side effects or threat of withdrawal symptoms. Would you believe me?

Probably not, since the movie "Limitless", every company and their mom has a "new smart drug." You may have read an article on the top 10 best nootropics, but the truth is there aren't 10 products that can be used to substitute prescription drugs like Adderall.

But there is 1.

Let's take a look at a few issues:

  • The Risk and Alternately the reward with drugs like Adderall.

  • The theory of how nootropics help us to perform mentally at our best.

  • What ingredients make BrainPill not only the best nootropic but what makes it superior than just an Adderall substitute.

  • How this natural alternative to Adderall gives instant improved mental function but also works as a long term cognitive enhancer.

Looking for a legal alternative to Adderall

Why look for an Adderall alternative in the first place? After an e-mail from a member, I decided to dig deeper into finding a natural alternative to Adderall and hunt for the best nootropic on the market. I spoke with 20 to 30 different sites and due to the fact I own a wellness site, was given many samples.

Nothing hit the feeling of those amphetamine salts we call Adderall. Then I tried BrainPill. It blew me away. While I wanted to give the reader the best product, I also wanted to try it myself.

Do you need a Legal Adderall Alternative?

Nootropics allow the same benefits of these drugs, without posing the dangers.

Abuse of "study drugs" is not limited to students by any means. We all want the ability to do more, in a less amount of time.

BeachHouseRehab.com(2) states that while the number of prescriptions for "study drugs" has remained stable, there has been a sharp rise in abuse and ER visits.

At Guide Your Health, we have covered dietary supplements that rank higher than their prescription counterparts:

  • Natural alternatives such as Kratom powder being used for pain relief and working better than synthetic opiates.

  • Natural HGH having all the benefits of synthetic growth hormone without any side effects.

  • By providing the body with good bacteria in probiotics we have better effects than killing all bacteria with antibiotics.

  • Now, legal alternatives or substitutes for Adderall that allows people to do more with less or an equal amount of time.

People are buying nootropics, like Brain Pill, to gain a competitive mental edge as well as to improve overall brain function.

Why are people buying nootropics online and are nootropics actually an Adderall substitute?

When we think of rising trends in health and wellness, we often think of physical health and physical wellness. While traditional supplements like weight loss proteins or belly fat cleanses are not going anywhere, a new category of pill is on the market and it's here to stay.

Enter Nootropics(3)...

We are seeing a rise in natural nootropics because people want the benefits of "study drugs" like Adderall but not the unhealthy side effects.

Adderall is a combination of two different stimulants which can lead to many unwanted side effects. EverydayHealth.com lists side effects of Adderall as:(4)

Elite Daily states the dangers of not substituting Adderall as not just the common effects mentioned but they call Adderall the "ultimate gateway drug", leading many users to cocaine or methamphetamine abuse.

Planning to substitute Adderall or another "study drug" by buying a nootropic?

Like anything else in the wellness industry, major companies are looking to exploit the consumers desire for an alternative or substitute to "study drugs" like Adderall.

Credence Research estimates that by 2024, over 6 billion dollars worldwide will be spent on buying nootropics online. (6) Just because we are talking natural products, does not mean that all nootropics work.

Research(7) shows that some people report that buying nootropics online, worked as well or better than "study drugs" Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse. Others reported no change at all.

What should you consider when buying a nootropic online?

When considering buying a nootropic as an Adderall substitute:

1.) The first thing I look at is the clinical research.

2). Secondly, I review the ingredients.

3.) The third and final step is to check out the endorsements and reviews.

#1 The Clinical Research behind the best nootropic, Adderall substitute on the market

BrainPill is a thoroughly researched adderall substitute and a nootropic worth buying. Alan Kozikowski, PHD of Georgetown, Alan Mazurek, MD, A study led by Harvard, the University of Oxford, and neurosurgeon Russel Blaylock have all conducted independent studies on BrainPill and the findings are amazing.(8)

#2 What Ingredients Make The Nootropic "Smart Drug" or Adderall Substitue Brain Pill So Effective?

The natural ingredients in this nootropic stack are truly what make this product a natural alternative to Adderall and other "study" or "smart drugs". It's why it's recommended as a top supplement for men.

  • Cognizine- Water soluble, improves concentration, focus, and accuracy.

  • Synapsa- Proven to increase memory and visual processing speed.

  • Huperzine- Reduces neurotransmitter breakdowns, increases alertness and memory.

  • Ginkgo Biloba- Ancient Chinese remedy to increase memory.

  • B Vitamins- Contains Vitamins B5 (memory chemical), B9, and B12 to increase blood flow to brain and improve both episodic and semantic memory.

  • DHA Complex- Omega 3 that fluidizes protein needed to create and retain memory.

  • Phosphatidylyserine- Enhances glucose absorption and fights aging on the brain.

  • Tyrosine- Amino acid that boosts dopamine.

  • Theanine- Amino acid that improves learning and memory. (Similar to the cortisol manager, Maca Powder)

All of these ingredients not only work individually to promote brain health, concentration, focus and memory but in combination they reach their peak benefits.

When considering buying a nootropic, the ingredients are the single most important factor in determining the effect.

#3 Reviews and Endorsements of the Nootropic Brain Pill

Brain Pill has many celebrity and doctor approved endorsements. I was most impressed by 74-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings. He has a great video on the Brain Pill homepage that explains how Brain Pill keeps him sharp. You can view the video here.

The site is full of positive reviews from verified customers who buy nootropics for a variety of reasons ranging from searching for an Adderall substitute that works to help increasing overall wellness.

We often think of health and wellness as the effects it has on our body, more importantly is the effect it has on our brain.

If you would like to purchase the nootropic brain pill, click here.

All of the scientific studies stated can be found in the cited sources section below the article. If you enjoyed this product review, you may enjoy our

review on Extenze. With everything that's going in the world now is the time to boost your immune system.

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