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Gerrod is THE nutrition coach in the Atlanta, Ga branch. He has over 10 years experience in health and wellness and is the owner of Grow Holistik. Gerrod is the author of the Best Kept Secret and a regular contributor to Healthy Tips and Facts.

Gerrod Huggins

Nutrition Coach/ Healthy Living Co-Moderator

Contact by phone at 517-896-6727 or e-mail

Nyanontee is a passionate member of the health and wellness community. Nyanontee is partially raw vegan and active in the community. Her knowledge in healthy living is Grade A.

Nyanontee Cooper

Health Enthusiast/Healthy Living Co-Moderator

Tracey is a health enthusiast. If you have got questions, she's got answers. Click here to see what's going on.

Healthy Living Moderator/Health enthusiast

Tracey Nunlee-Williams

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Nutrition Coach

Open Position

Looking for a qualified go-getter who wants to contribute to the health and wellness community as well as blog about relevant topics

Blogger/Health Consultant

Open Position


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