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If you would like to guest post on Guide Your Health, be sure to read over our healthy living blog and check out our online supplement store to make sure your topic is a fit.


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Meet The Team

Calvin McDuffie

Co-Founder/Wellness Coach 

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Calvin McDuffie, author to articles such as Stop Counting Calories To Lose Weight, HGH Benefits & Side Effects, and The Ultimate Guide To Kratom Powder, is a certified enzyme expert and works in dietary at a large wellness and rehabilitation facility.


Find out more about Calvin in our about us section.

Lacey Ruiz McDuffie

Co-Founder/Wellness Coach

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Lacey Ruiz McDuffie, author to Craving Onions? All Your Cravings Meaning, The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss and 2019's Best Supplements For Men and Women, works as a nurse at a large wellness and rehabilitation facility.

Find out more about Lacey in our about us section.

Gerrod Huggins

Writer/Wellness Coach

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Gerrod Huggins, founder of Grow Holistik, author to The Mysterious Death Of Dr. Sebi & Black Seed Oil Benefits and Forgetting Something? What About Trace Minerals?, manages a large supplement store.

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