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Starting Guide Your Health, developed from Calvin and Lacey's mutual passion in Health and Wellness. Health and Wellness is something everyone can relate to on some level.

Everyone has a desire to feel well.


Sometimes you and your spouse may share a similar hobby or interest, but to devote your life? ...All your free time, more resources than you have, and plenty of sleepless nights, to live out the dream with the person you love? Guide Your Health was a no-brainer.

How did the 2 people, Calvin and Lacey McDuffie, use 1,000's of routes, to get to their 1 destination?


We wanted to have a site with healthy living articles ranging from weight loss, natural pain relief, natural anxiety relief and product reviews


We wanted to have an online supplement store with the best supplements at a discounted price.

But MOST of all we wanted to start a health and wellness community.

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 Calvin McDuffie is a Guide Your Health Founder, Health and Wellness Coach and a regular contributor to the healthy living blog. He is  the author of the interactive blog What Your Cravings Mean as well as Kratom Powder & Effects, The Ultimate Guide to Kratom.

  • Calvin became a certified enzyme expert in 2016.

  • Health & Wellness Coach since 2017.

  • Calvin managed a large health store for 7 years.

  • Calvin's favorite supplements are Black Seed Oil and Kratom.

Lacey Ruiz McDuffie is a Guide Your Health Founder, Health and Wellness Coach, and an essential oil expert. She also contributes to the healthy living blog with unique essential oil article blends such as Weapon X, Spicing Things Up With Essential Oils and co-authored the Best Cleanse For Weight Loss and Belly Fat.

  • Lacey began her career in Health and Wellness as a medical assistant.

  • She furthered her education and became a licensed CNA in 2012.

  • Lacey has worked in wellness facilities for over 10 years.

  • Lacey is an aromatherapy specialist and has wrote on essential oils.

  • Lacey's favorite supplements are Probiotics and Maca Root.!

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